Educative campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST!

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Reconstruction Women’s Fund within its program of Feminist Philanthropy starts the Educative campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST!

Aim of the campaign is to problematize the issue of public money and where it is spent, to ask ourselves also where we individually could allocate money.

All our life we learn about the meaning of money. How come that all our life we work for small or big money but rearly ask ourselves SO, WHERE ALL THAT MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT?

That is the reason for starting the educative campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST?, for better understanding of our responsibility towards money. (The ways we get it, how we spend it, how we report the spending, transparency principle.)

In the course of the eductive campaign, through seminar, workshops, actions, media conference, we plan to connect various actors who deal with this significant issue. The program of educative campaign will engage 30 people of different generations, experiences, locations and interests, as well as of gender identities.

In the seminar we offer opportunity for more knowledge about public money, money from our taxes. What information of public interest citizens could demand? How transparent is the budget in our state? Do we denounce corruption or we are part of that machinery?

In the workshops we offer opportunity for learning: How to plan a philanthropy action? How to empower your body and voice? How and why do we fundraise and what is it in fact? How the Reconstruction Women’s Fund functions?

In practical actions two groups of 15 participants will be formed, with a task to organize two actions with slogans HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST! This will be a practical exercise to motivate people to give their individual money in an action organized by the participants.

In November we plan media conference to inform you about observations, results!

We invite you to distribute this call and application form to persons who could be interested to be part of educative campaign HOW SISTERS TO DO IT BEST?

The educative campaign HOW SISTERS TO DO IT BEST? is realized with financial support of Mama Cash – Fund for women.