Reconstruction Women’s Fund in the action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 12 invites you to donate for cargo bicycles! Tuesday, September 19, 20-23:00. Ljutić, Stevana Sremca 5, Belgrade!

Living in the position between everyday discrimination and inefficient policies for improvement of their status, Roma men and women had – exactly by using cargo bicycles for collecting recycling materials – to undertake finding a mode to start, with little or no money, providing for themselves and their families. We could question how the deep poverty and social exclusion produced the establishment of that system of earning money, but the consequence is clear – the people at work are here and they should not be “invisible”: neither for people around them who are not in the job, nor for the state which still does not practice recycling enough.

With the action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST we wish to invite youand collect money concretely for two, five or eleven cargo bicycles!

Come to meet the crew of Bajsologija/Bicycology because they make real changes!

Bring the money for drinks and box donations!

“SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST” presents women who with their actions, work, energy and knowledge make the visible changes in society.

So this evening music masters are THE THREE SISTERS, NEARLY!


 Bring the money to buy a drink and to give to donation box!