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In front of you is the ninth newsletter of Reconstruction Women's Fund. Stay tuned, join, donate!!!

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Arrival of a Train

Rememeber Arrival of a Train at a station, Lumière brothers? After experimenting with „wireless telegraphy”, came radio. 4,400 years ago she was writing/singing:    the first author ever in human memory, Enheduanna, in Mesopotamia. A word, an image, a voice, history, politics, they can not be rooted out.
When being diminished, public space brakes the stitching, sings, remembers, add some salt to the brain. Special Focus is a program aiming to make points in feminist activism. In 2016 we structured Special Focus in thematic call for proposals. The program is around our core worries: militarism, nationalism, racism. Our goal is to understand, exchange, name and support the activities faced with some of the crucial sources of the current politics. This, the first year of the program, we supported 21 projects, the work of 20 different formal and informal groups and collectives. Some of them have been still in progress, some would be memorized only in the processes of the participants, and a significant number you could listen, read and watch in various forms. We are looking now for ways to create the meeting points for those who entered the Special Focus. 

One meetingpoint is this newsletter:

Listen and watch the opera White Rose; read from the website of Workers Comune LINKS; hear  short report from the regional student conference Literature and art in Yugoslavia: (dis)continuities (1918-1992), organized in Belgrade in joint effort of the Club of Art History Students  and the Club of World Literature and Theory of Literature Students (Klub 128); be informed about the Magazine Zent    

The other meetingpoint is Focus on Focus:

We opened a new category Focus on Focus on our website. Watch there the documentary Women’s Court – feminist approach to justice, about the first women’s court in Europe, organized in Sarajevo 7-10 May, 2015, by 10 women’s groups from former Yugoslavia; documentary Žanka, the experience, attitude and struggle of  Žanka Stojanović whose son was one of the 16 workers of Radio Television Serbia left to be killed in bombing in 1999; listen radio programs of the Journalists Association of Ruthenians Miniatures on Maxi Issues, in Serbian and Ruthenian languages: Engaged Art, Nationalism, Fundamentalism, Militarism, Racism, Fascism; listen radio program “She Says”, about the reasons people subject themselves to big imposed authorites, such as state, nation, church, tradition and money, and the answers to that question from the brave women who faced their own fears and recognized the possibility for rebelion and change. 

Next year, more news. Spread the Special Focus!

Where this voice is heard, donde sobra corazón

Within our feminist philanthropy program we present you a part where you can read, get information about women who inspire and motivate us!  We share with you our two new interviews, with Ana Woolf and Brigitte Cirla.

We asked Ana: Why do you think it’s important to invest money into women’s human rights and arts?, and here is her message:

Because I think there is a lot of money invested in male stuff like war, weapons, and if half of this money could be invested in women’s rights probably the world would be different, childhood would be different, there would be less misery and poverty – and we would have to fight less for survival. We do thousands of things, we have three plus jobs per day, it would be a good thing to be able to concentrate our energy in protecting ourselves… economic protection is like a house.

More info on our website >>>

Sisters Are Doing It Best…

Dear Sisters from RWF, your fundraising action for Noborder Collective, in café Ljutić, in the relaxed atmosphere, meant a lot to us. That someone locally invited us and offered financial support, enabling us to talk about our work and the migrants’ situation on the ground, gave us wings. The whole action and the strong community response empowered us and showed that our work is not that invisible. The money which was collected we used for everyday expenses like purchasing of petrol to drive to the borders, printing of info material for local people and the migrants, immediate aid in urgent situations on the ground, etc. Thank you for the support.    
Noborder Serbia Collective

To a small organization with big tasks, like ours Stanica Service for contemporary dance, cooperation with the Fund gave impulsion and encouragement for public relations (for which we never had the time and resources). Action Sisters Are Doing It Best for our Kondenz festival connected us with a new audience and showed how activism, solidarity, socializing and PR could go together.  The money collected was spent for preparation of the festival and honoraria for our precious collaborators like the photographer, driver, technician. Thank you Sisters, thank you the Fund!

Marijana Cvetković, Stanica Service for contemporary dance

On March 31, this year, into the premises of Social Center October a group of Nazis broke. Seven men with heavy sticks stormed into the October. Several people from our collective were hurt, some heavily, a number of windows were broken, the inventory tumbled, bottles and glasses crashed. Among the people who immediately sent their support were the dear Sisters. In the best spirit of feminist, antifascist and freedom traditions, they showed enormous care and solidarity, understanding that as a collective we needed some time to consolidate. In that vacuum the Sisters, by taking on some of our obligations, enabled October to continue its regular activities in no time, the space to mend and the wounded members of the collective to have a chance to recover from the attack. 

In solidarity, collective of Social Center October

This year we proudly say that we granted 15,923,449 RSD for women’s groups, collectives, initiatives and stipends!

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Reconstruction Women's Fund goes on with the campaigns and promoting local philantropy. We motivate our friends to think about investing in the future of women, women's groups and in the only women's foundation in Serbia. We keep raising money because Women are everywhere you go and women know where to go!

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