Locally womanly and on the other side of borders

Dear present and future friends,

We miss you! We miss hanging out with you, laughing with you and conspiring with new ideas. We miss fantasizing together with you, during summers and winters, when you come back to visit your folks. We miss meeting new people and we miss those butterflies in our bellies when we unexpectedly encounter interesting and future close friends. We miss concluding every and each time that the world is a village. 

We want to meet you, hear your own stories and prepare for the first summer or winter coffee… when it comes. Above all, we miss talking about the good life and working together to making it happen. What remains in these situations is solidarity that makes us build good lives, regardless of barriers.

Until we meet again, we invite you to become part of our first campaign that where we are creating networks of support with diaspora and with all of those who want to express their solidarity with future fellows of progressive knowledge.