Women In Activism

After Kosovo independence was declared in February 2008, the wave of authorized violence in Serbia imposed kind of public auto-censorship close to internalized marshal law. It was the lowest point in Serbia since 2000. RWF stayed with women’s groups who were never silent. On February 26 we supported public promotion and its recording, in Belgrade, of the book “Women’s Side of the War”, just published by Women in Black and performed by Dah Teatar. Two weeks later, celebration of 100th anniversary of  8th of March, organized by Women in Black was banned by the police, followed with the fuss made by the activists and allies. In the “Postponed 8th of March” the activists crowded for a march on the streets which ended with the presentation of the work of young generation of feminists in the newly published book “Someone Said Feminism?” published by RWF, Women’s Studies and Women in Black. The silence was broken and position confirmed in the crisis. In May, RWF committed itself to participate in the feminist campaign on the basic political orientation of Serbia. At the same time, we were in the process of finishing documentary film on our work and the atmosphere of resolution on our role was in the air. It became clear that RWF has to stay committed to autonomous women’s organizing whatever political course in Serbia would be.

Produced by: Rekonstrukcija Ženski fond, 2008.

Directed by: Anberin Pasha & Anđela Banićević

Camera & editing: Anberin Pasha