Joyfulness Craziness!

JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS is a manifestation started by Reconstruction Women’s Fund to promote politics and aims of the fund, meaning networking, communication, exchange of experiences of art activist groups, collectives, individuals and also to promote visibility with option for donations, spreading idea of local philanthropy. Importance of this manifestation is in using and taking public spaces and cooperation among sectors, with the idea to connect independent, engaged, non-aligned artists with cultural institutions, with all of them trying to change social patterns.

In five year of work the great support we got from numerous artists, groups, collectives and individuals:

Women’s choir Kombinatke (Slovenia), Pesničenje, Women’s Side” (curators Ana Panić, Marija Đorgović and Una Popović), Gruvlend Sessions, Sestre inženjerke, group Secondhanders, Cica and her partner Globus, Fair of short electronic form – KEF, group ŠKART, Midica & The Absent Friends, Verglspiel, Stray Dogg, CIRKUSFERA, choir PROBA, EMAEMAEMA + SRETAN BOR, Bojana Petković, Ana Dubljević, Milan Marković, Ana Ćurčin, DJ Mečkica, Ana Đorđević, Jelena Jelača, Natalija Laptošević, Nada Pleskonjić, MARKIZA DE SADA, hor(or)hor, Magda Janjić.

We are thankful to all spaces that opened their doors and trust to create together an evening to remember, to socialize and to learn:

Museum of Yugoslav History, Botanic Garden, Inex Film, Street Gallery – Čavketovo Sokače, Center for Cultural Decontamination, with continuous support of Cultural Center REX.


JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS survived all these years because our need is present all the time to connect, rejoice, learn, grow, change, as it should be. The space which a feminist foundation has been filling teaches and refines us all, the participants, accidental and deliberate passers-by, the visitors!