March 8

Reconstruction Women’s Fund this year once again publishes the Map of activities celebrating 8th of March in Serbia and the region!

The program of the printed and online Map presents the 8th of March 2021 activities in Kruševac, Mladenovac, Vlasotince, Tutin, Užice, Prijepolje, Novi Sad, Pirot, Kostolac, Niš, and Belgrade.

8th of March is important for the feminist movement in its struggle for rights and freedoms.
It brings us more solidarity, networking, visibility and action.
This is why we also try to collect and present all the regional 8th of March activities.

The Map is one of the ways to write and archive history of organizing of the feminist and women’s groups for 8th of March.

We are sorry that, for obvious reasons, these Maps are not in English.
For us it is important to inform you about what we do, and how we do it.
As a foundation, every year we engage in gathering, distributing and sharing the information locally, and beyond throughout the wider ex- Yugoslav region. Eventually, we have succeeded in reaching you 🙂

Check out our archive of the 8th of March events in Serbia and the region – we present local & regional 8th of March Maps since 2010!

Thank you!
Reconstruction Women’s Fund