Reconstruction Women’s Fund this year once again publishes the Map of activities celebrating 8th of March in Serbia and the region!

It’s been over a decade since we are mapping events relating to 8th March, passionately and devotedly, trying our best to cover events scattered across the country – from major cities to rural environments. Feeling strong social and political connections to the region and sisterhood with regional peers, we also create a map of events organized in countries of former Yugoslavia. 

The 8th March map of events started its life in printed and digital versions. Wanting to take a responsible stance regarding environmental issues, we have decided to reduce the map to digital issues only and contribute to the reduction of excessive use of paper. 

This map serves not only to inform the readers about the events they may visit – in fact, its greater purpose is to document feminist struggles and organizing, archive it and keep them a part of women’s history, consciously opposing the trends of dehistorization of women’s organizing. We aim to capture the moments of solidarity, marches, rebellions, protests, celebrations, inspirations, engaged art, knowledge sharing, discussions and all the other ways in which women mark this immensely important date. 

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We apologize for not having these Maps in English – we count on your understanding that mapping these events is a time-sensitive process and, trying to follow the event announcements until the very last days before the big date, we usually do not have time to translate it. While we primarily distribute the map to local and regional audiences, it is important to us to present this practice to our international allies as well, to give you at least a visual sense of our feminist mapping, and perhaps even inspire you to do something similar in your local context. 

As feminist activists, disobedient citizens, rebellious women, solidary friends… we shall keep celebrating the 8th of March because of its emancipatory and rebellious character, international solidarity, antifascist continuity, mutual support of women and collective actions against patriarchy.

Check out our archive of the 8th of March events in Serbia and the region – we present local & regional 8th of March Maps since 2010!

Thank you!
Reconstruction Women’s Fund