Sisters Are Doing It Best 3

Tuesday, November 25, 8 – 11 p.m. Cafe Ljutić, Stevana Sremca 5, Belgrade!


Reconstruction Women’s Fund in the action Sisters Are Doing It Best has an idea to present the work of women’s groups who have combated violence against women for years. Since January till November 22 women were murdered in family partner relationships in Serbia. Violence is spread and became part of behavior, attitude and communication. We are witnesses that the reactions are always late and that violence also passes unpunished.

We have the situation of floods which left permanent consequences for many families, nothing was done to prevent such damages, nor the recovery of damages has the pace promised to people by the state to live more normal before the winter and cold.

This time with the action SISTERS ACT THE BEST we want to invite you for a concrete support to woman whose name is Milica Đorđević from Mladenovac, single mother of two grown up children. Runing away from her violent husband, Milica found refuge in a shack which burnt. Now she lives in a ruined cottage without sewage and roof. Her hardships grow since she can’t help her daughter who has breast cancer both sides. Doctors refused to operate because a large part of the lungs is also affected. We collect money for the roof.

Bring the money to buy a drink and to give to donation box!

“Sisters Are Doing It Best” presents you the women who with their actions, work, energy and knowledge make visible social changes.

  • Aleksandra Nestorov, Network Women against Violence
  • Svjetlana Timotić, …Out of Circle Vojvodina, organization giving support to women and children with disabilities who are exposed to violence
  • Nada Đuričković, Roma Center for Women and Children DAJE

Art installation I WAIT of the feminist group ACT WOMEN and music support and mini gig by Ana Ćurčin.

DJ decks are in the hands of Studio B journalists Smiljana Popov& Željka Mrđa!

SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST happens on November 25, on the very start of the 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women campaign – where we proudly stand with our friends and send word:


Be solidary in the evening of giving to those who now need the most!!!



See some photo and video material from our previous actions: