What Can Be Done?

RWF Feminist Philanthropy

The idea behind local philanthropy is to encourage people to invest into a better future, to jointly build relations which advocate equality, solidarity and humanism. There is an unequal distribution of wealth in the world. A small percentage of people hold the vast majority of wealth while a large percentage has few resources. This represents an inequality in access to wealth. The rich should, of course, give more. Those who don’t have as much should give a little. This is an issue of solidarity, not of amount. What matters isn’t the amount of money but rather the wish to support a group or activity, a collective, an idea and change in general.

We used the UNCORK – CHIP IN A PROPER PLACE! campaign as a means of encouraging our friends to invest in women’s future, in women’s groups, as well as into the only women’s foundation in Serbia – Reconstruction Women’s Fund

Throughout all these years, working in a country where nothing is stable, where changes happen on a daily basis and survival, struggle, work and political activities become more and more demanding, RWF has succeeded to preserve its mission, to resist to the totalitarian regime and get plenty of joy as a result of plenty of craziness. Many women, women’s organizations, collectives and initiatives got financial, feminist and solidar support. By  organizing our activity JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS we want to open the public spaces for exchange, solidarity, networking and being with.

In 2014 we initiated the action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST.
The goal of this action was to represent women whose work has contributed to changes and pushed borders in our society. In the most critical times, women show their strength and solidarity. Unfortunately, despite the importance of their actions, they are often being erased.
During the floods that struck Serbia, RWF was in the field, mapping needs, distributing help, communicating with people. What’s important is that we were not alone, that this disaster brought up a high level of awareness that we can’t do without each other!

Reconstruction Women’s Fund goes on with spreading and promoting feminist local philanthropy. We keep raising money because – Women are everywhere you go and women know where to go!

More on our activities Sisters Are Doing It Best and Joyfulness Craziness you can find below.