Reconstruction Women’s Fund presents the #HSCDIB publication as part of our campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST!

From the Introduction by Zoe Gudović:

In 2017 we launched the educational campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST! First as a pilot project that included a seminar, workshops and practical actions, as well as a press conference where 23 persons from 7 towns of Serbia took part. Participants of various interests came from several fields of work and activism, such as struggle against violence against women, struggle against human trafficking, work on human rights – particularly LGBTQ, labor, students’ and rights of persons with disabilities, economic empowerment of women and social entrepreneurship, art (literature, music, animation), social theory, education, local policies, preserving and conquering public spaces, but common ground for all were feminism and struggle for social justice. This group of people of different experiences, ages and knowledge, went through practical and theoretical education on: public money distribution and managing, kinds of corruption and how widespread are they, usefulness of collecting and spending public money, right to information of public importance, budgeting and human rights, austerity measures, public participation in decision making at local level, with a special emphasis on the budgeting process, our own responsibilities and obligations when it comes to spending money that is not ours, practices of raising money at local level, communication, planning organization and producing actions, as well as working on our bodies, voices and public appearances.


Therefore it is important for us to initiate discussions on the problems we live in. Recognition of importance of knowledge and financial literacy is part of the solution of major problems. Publication before you opens possibility to understand each other better and understand why we started the educational campaign, but above all to inform us on the steps of some processes and decisions.





  • Austerity Measures vs Human Rights – Danilo Ćurčić


  • Gimme Money – Marija Jakovljević
  • Mirrored in the Buget – Mirjana Mirosavljević Bobić
  • Experimental Learning Through HSCDIB – Marija Jakovljević


  • Why We All Need The Campaign “How Sisters Could Do It Best” – Selena Simić
  • From Theory to Practice and Back: How Sisters Could Do It Best” – Katarina Antonić


  • Information of public importance – Milena Vasić
  • Public Participation: Obligation of Institutions – Radmila Miković
  • Democratization Starts From Community Councils: Posibilities and Politics of Organized People – Branka Ćurčić
  • Presenting the Organization: How to Communicate Our Goal – Mladen Jovanović


! 2017 sestre publikacija NSL EN

Published by: Reconstruction Women’s Fund

Publisher: Mirjana Mirosavljević Bobić

Editors: Marija Jakovljević, Zoe Gudović

HSCDIB work team: Zoe Gudović, Mirjana Mirosavljević Bobić, Marija Jakovljević, Selena Simić, Saša Trbanos, Vladimir Jerić-Vlidi, Katarina Popović

Visual identity, graphic design and layout: Katarina Popović

Traslation and proofreading: Ana Imširović Đorđević

Financial Support: Mama Cash