You Can Support Us!

In partnership with Reconstruction Women’s fund, your donation will enable you to support the emancipatory social and political role of women in Serbia, long-term work of women’s groups in the field of women’s human rights and activists/academics in obtaining knowledge, regional and global exchange in the field of women’s/gender subjects. Together we aim towards solidarity contributions to social transformations with the goal of achieving justice and creating equality with the horizon of a society without nationalism, militarism, racism, discrimination and violence against women. A society in which we are safe and free to think, run, work.

Solidarity, not charity! Support to common struggles, not the savior complex!

If you are from the United States of America and want to donate to Reconstruction Women’s Fund, you can do it through fiscal sponsorship partnership that RWF has with Global Fund for Women. Your donation will be tax-deductible. You can do that by clicking the link below: