First part of the educational campaign “How sisters could do it best 2”, which has been organized and created by Reconstruction Women’s fund, has been successfully completed. From 6th of July until 8th of July in Hotel Park, Belgrade. Reconstruction Women’s fund hosted 20 participants from Belgrade, Niš, Sombor, Pirot, Kostolac, Vlasotince, Zrenjanin and Pančevo. Participants come from various activist fields, social sciences, music, literature, sports, politics and different NGOs. During these three days they had a chance to listen to and participate in four three-hour lectures, which were held by:

–    Danilo Ćurčićlaw graduate, program coordinator of the Initiative for economic and social rights – A 11

–    Milena Vasićlegal advisor in Lawyers’ committee for Human Rights – YUCOM

–    Maja Krekactivist, researcher and associates in teaching at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade

–    Nevena Ružićassistant to the Secretary General Information Commissioner Serbia

Apart from the three official lecturers, Marija Papić-Đurić and Marko Paunović, last year’s participants, shared their impressions and experiences. During these workshops and lectures most of the participants were really active and motivated for work.

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KDSTRN2 milena

Milena Vasić was born in 1985 in Smederevska Palanka, completed Union University Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 2009, and passed the bar exam in 2017. She currently works as a legal advisor in the Lawyers` Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM.

For seven years already she has been active in the field of human rights, both as a professional and as an activist, with the emphasis on the position of marginalized social groups, especially LGBT population and women. Apart from that, she is engaged in projects dealing with the freedom of assembly, media rights and freedoms, the state actions in emergency situations, assistance to citizens for self-representation in court, free of charge legal aid, position of refugees in Serbia and other countries.

As an associate and a researcher she took part in several research and trainings in different fields of human rights.

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KDSTRN2 nevena

Nevena Ružić is Assistant to the Secretary General at Information Commissioner Serbia. Since 2009, she has been an assistant to the Secretary General at Information Commissioner and is responsible for Department of Harmonization. Her field of work is information law: free access to the information, freedom of speech, privacy right, personal data protection, the confidentiality of information, protection of the “whistleblowers”, internet governance which includes both online and as well “offline” information. Since 2012, she has been chosen for a member of Data Protection Bureau by Council of Europe Convention for personal data protection. She graduated at the Law Faculty of University of Belgrade in 2002. and got her masters diploma at Law Faculty of Leeds University (in 2008, on topic of relations in right to privacy and access to information) and other master’s degree at Studies of Contemporary Diplomacy at Malta University (in 2006, on topic internet governance).

Data is value (and therefore responsibility)
During this part of the seminar participant will be reminded of the value of personal data, the importance of right to data protection and privacy rights, and as well reminded of the responsibility which is held by those who process their data. At the same time, we will be talking about how we ourselves are giving our personal data and data from other people so easily.


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KDSTRN2 maja

Maja Krek is activist, researcher and associate in teaching at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Process of searching for the true data and deconstruction of political manipulation
We are often confronted with lies and semi-truths in media space, which are presented as facts. We will go through some topic which have been popular in recent months and also go through the process of searching for true data and deconstruction of political manipulation.

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KDSTRN2 danilo

Danilo Ćurčić, bachelor of laws (The Faculty of Law of the Belgrade University, Human Rights Centre of the Faculty of Law of the University of Essex), dealing with issues concerning Roma, access to economic and social rights, antidiscrimination and access to justice. He has worked on some of the most significant cases of forced evictions, discrimination against Roma community in container settlements in Belgrade, and social housing issues. He has also been engaged in the proceedings before the Constitutional Court related to different issues that could roughly be defined as the issues of poverty and human rights – from imposing compulsory unpaid work for the beneficiaries of financial social assistance to taxes on refugee social housing.

Fields of interest: economic and social rights, right to adequate housing, budget analysis of human rights.


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