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Education on Critical Issues ispart of Special Focus program and publishing is one of dynamic parts of the area. What the books have to do with a Fund: this is Socrates philanthropy, for all to learn, like Creative Commons. Printed books we sent to the libraries all over Serbia, 52 libraries which in the parcel we invite for activism of women’s human rights by adding 8th of March Map of activities and the leaflets of 16 Days of activism against Violence against Women, all in cooperation with women’s groups. The books we publish in large circulations for the feminist theory to stand in front and in the middle of mainstream, wise and loud. Virtual editions are our contribution to the future of an Off-line Library.

On RWF’s website one could find over 40 selected books and articles in Serbo-Croatian language. For the first time we list them all to make the politics of the choice clear as well as the richness of the voice:

Serial “Disobedient to History”:  Monique Wittig – Le Corps Lesbien; Virginia Woolf – Between the Acts; Virginia Woolf – Orlando; Rosa Luxemburg – Letters from Prison; Carolina Maria de Jesus – Quatro de Despejo; Jasmina Tešanović – Matrimony ; bell hooks – Feminist Theory: from Margin to Center; Virginia Woolf: A Writer’s Diary; Jasmina Tešanović – Comrade girls, Homophobic political violence, Srebrenica;  Audre Lorde – Sister Outsider; Virginia Woolf – Three Guineas; Christine de Pizan – The Book of the City of Ladies.

Serial “Anti-War Centenary of the First World War” :  Dragan Stojković  –  Anti-war and pacifist ideas in the history of Serbia and anti-war movements until year 2000; Rosa Luxemburg – The Crisis of Socialdemocracy (Junius – pamphlet); Nikola M. Popović – Dimitrije Tucović, His Life and Work; Dimitrije Tucović – Selected articles on militarism and nationalism;  Jasmina Tešanović  – Lili from Belgrade; Dimitrije Tucović – Serbia and Albania. 

Books printed by Reconstruction Women’s FundJud Nirenberg –  Gipsy Sexuality – Romani and Outsider Perspectives on Intimacy; This is My Report to You, Žarana Papić quotes; Tanja Ignjatović – Violence against women in intimate partners relationship: model of coordinated community response; Adriana Zaharijević – Becoming Woman ; Written Out – How sexuality is used to attack women’s organizing, report by Cynthia Rothschild.

Guested Books : Guide to Strike, by Dejana Ivančić SpasojevićLiza De MoneJovanka Zlatković; Building Academic Community, bibliography of Svenka Savić: 1963-2011, ed. Nataša Belić

Coming up: translation of Audrie Lorde’s Zami: A New Spelling of My Name and new edition of Tanja Ignjatovic’s book on violence!

Read even more! Adittionally, we compiled selected articles in our folder “Notebook”: Juliet Mitchell – 20 Years of Feminism; Agneta Stark – Combating the Backlash: How Swedish Women Won the War; Sara Ruddick – (chapter from) Mathernal Thinking: Towards a Politics of Peace; Svenka Savić – Woman Hidden by the Language of Media: A  Codex for Non-sexist Language Use; Lydia Sklevicky – Horses, Women, Wars etc.: Problem of Foundation of History of Women in Yugoslavia; Rada Iveković – Right to Difference? Parity, quotas, yes or no? Instruction on the Method; Betty A. Reardon – (chapter from) Sexism and the War System; Virginia Woolf – A Room of One’s Own; Emmeline Pankhurst – Importance of the Right to Vote; Sojourner Truth – Ain’t I a Woman; Jasmina Tešanović – Women in Black, Belgrade.

Upside Down 2017! To mark the 100th year or Russian Revolution, we translated and compiled must reads: Rosa Luxemburg – The Russian Revolution, Dragiša Lapčević – War and Serbian Social Democracy, Pier Paolo Pasolini – Civil War, Bruce Sterling – FUTURE, History that hasn’t Happened Yet, Hannah Arendt – Franz Kafka, Revalorization, V.G. Sebald – Air War and Literature.

Feminist Reader and Critical Life are our places where we translate and represent the selected authors and crucial texts from feminist theory as well as contemporary theoretical reflections on politics, ethics, and aesthetics. We have translated Donna Haraway, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Etienne Balibar, Wendy Brown, Amira Has, Sara Ahmed, Judith Butler, Roberto Saviano…

Website of Autonomous Women’s Center which hosts other feminist books is linked as well.

Since the begining of our work we have been gradually building our aproach to free library on critical issues. The Notebook  was established in 2004 at our very start as a spontanious expression of our mission. Our first printed book was “Written Out“, in  2007 defining our course to publish expressive analytical new books on key issues which are in the core of our work. We started sending regularly various publications to libraries in Serbia in 2010 as natural part of our public communication and education. Close encounters with virtual texts was launched in 2011 by opening a serial  “Disobedient to History”. Further thinking in this direction led us in 2014 to make political point concerning Serbia by launching the serial “Anti-War Centenary of the First World War”.

This abundance of texts grew from our legacy by revival in virtual editions of the books printed by non-profit publishing house “Feminist 94” working 1994-2004 as part of the feminist movement. Other important resource came from our commitment to women’s studies and to young feminist academics who break through their professions, such were the books of Adriana Zaharijević and Tanja Ignjatović  based on their bold and brilliant MA theses. Some of the books and texts came from the well of forgotten or neglected crucial testimonies which we sent as a timely educational messages like Rosa Luxemburg and Dimitrije Tucović as the socialist antimilitarists being actors and critical thinkers on the spot in the current, or Carolina Maria de Jesus, witness and critic talking from the heart of a Brasilian slum. Virginia Woolf is strikingly represented and promoted as the creative, atypical witness and thinker about society, power and politics.

This is a sketch only of the processes within our program READ! And this report was written on October 2, 2014. And updated on July 9th 2021.

For 10th anniversary of assassination of two guardsmen Dražen Milovanović and Dragan Jakovljević on October 5thin Topčider the book is in print in collaboration with Women in Black by Bojan Tončić“Topčider Case – Anatomy of the State’s Crime”.

More to come.