Workshop / Educational Campaign “How Sisters Could Do It Best”


How Does Reconstruction Women`s Fund Function?

At the seminar we dealt with the issues of rights and responsible and transparent spending of our money by the state, while this workshop will deal with our own responsibility and obligations when spending money that is not ours. The workshop will not offer ready-made solutions, final definitions, or answers to all the questions we might have. The goal is to understand how does a foundation function, and as an example we will take the financial model of Reconstruction Women`s Fund. Each participant will have a practical task to make a simple, clear and precise budget based on this example (for a start).

Mirjana Mirosavljević Bobić is a journalist by education and feminist activist by choice, engaged in different ways in several women`s organizations (Glas razlike – Voice of Difference, Women`s Studies Center, Women in Black). She is one of the founders of Reconstruction Women`s Fund where, for the past (not unlucky) 13 years, she has been deciding on and realizing programs and financial plans and strategies.




Theatre techniques we use at the body and voice workshop are well adjusted and usable in everyday life situations: how we breathe, take up the space, become visible and important. In three hours of brain and muscle exercising, we will try to empower ourselves and our voices and conquer the space that belongs to us, both private and public space. We will learn not to be nervous when speaking in public, to listen well, to share and rejoice!

Zoe Gudović is a cultural manager, producer and organizer. Since 1995 she has been researching and taking part in informal and socially engaged theatre forms. She merges art and activism in order to change the current social relations and awareness. Theatre educator, performer, drag king transformer, laureate of Jelena Šantić award for combining art and activism. She currently works as a public relations manager in the Reconstruction Women’s Fund and as a host of the radio show Ženergija.



Fundraising in Local Community

In the three hour programme, participants will gain fundamental knowledge needed for further research and the beginning of fundraising at the local level. Participants will get to know the ideas, principles, techniques and practices that brought success in fundraising to many associations, informal groups, and even institutions.

Mladen Jovanović is an independent consultant and a lecturer at European Non-profit Strategies (ENPS). He is a president of the Executive Board of the National Coalition for Decentralization, and an expert in strategic planning, fundraising, advocacy, as well as in the field of education of adults. He has supported many organizations, companies and institutions in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Italy.