Joyfulness Craziness 6!

Reconstruction Women’s Fund invites you to JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS 6Saturday, July 4, 19-22:00 in Pančićev park (Small park in Lower Dorćol, next to GSP Depo, between the streets Visokog Stevana and Dunavska).

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As a tradition in the beginning of summer, now for the sixth time, Reconstruction Women’s Fund organizes JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS, the manifestation which creates a space for exchange, companionship, solidarity actions and networking. This year we shall be unrestrainedly joyful and crazy in the Pančić Park.

JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS 6 offers the whole evening of socializing with artists, promising to the audience:

Karkatag Collective

Natali and the cranes

CIRKUSFERA and Acro Shizz

Music rejoice us

afž yu dernek

dj  mečkica

Anti Protiv

Lira Vega

Drink of the evening limunana lucky we

Karkatag collective– Karkatag instalations and machines always mean participation and their setting in public space creates various situations on the edge of a performance.

Natali and the cranes – origami mini workshop and how you make big and small cranes. Let’s make thousand cranes, this year together, we can!

CIRKUSFERA – open juggle playground – for the youngest ones. In the juggle ground playing with balls, rings, flower sticks, poi, diabola. Three women with open fire and live music and a little of acro yoga fill the crazy program and insert joy of life.

Acro Shizz – partner acrobatics duo. These girls learned the skill in numerous workshops abroad and brought the knowledge back home. They also joined the organization „Cirkusfera“.

afž yu dernek– the most dulcet tones they choose and will rejoice you, worming party, off the shoes!

dj mečkica– soul and rock’n’roll free style

Anti Protiv– consists of one Jugoslav and one Anastasia, who will play for you the best of revolutionary songs.

Lira Vega– one of the most exciting phenomenon on the scene – never the same and totally unpredictable in balancing rock’n’roll and electronics, rhythm and melody, rebellion and gentleness, minimalism and depth of words.

Drink of the evening on the city tap – limunana, to refresh our day!

JOYFULNESS CRAZINESS survived all these years because our need is present all the time to connect, rejoice, learn, grow, change, as it should be. The space which a feminist foundation has been filling teaches and refines us all, the participants, accidental and deliberate passers-by, the visitors!


Rekonstrukcija Ženski fond is the first local women’s foundation in Serbia. Through its programs,  it supports  activities for the full realization of women’s human rights, academic exchange, pacifist / anti-militarist engagement, artist engagement, cooperation and solidarity.



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