Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – February 2016

Number of grants: 6

1. Informal group of women journalists, Sandra Mandić and Jugoslava Široka

  • RSD: 278.000,00
  • Project title:  Working title “She says
  • About the project: Half an hour audio-production on the topic: authorities and personal responsibility, in 5 segments of 6 min. Aim is to encourage critical reflection on the alternatives in the society by intervening in media sphere and supporting the organizations who search for alternatives, primarily women’s organizations. Some of the key imposed authorities in the focus are: the state (power), nation, the church, money (economy) and tradition. How these authorities manipulate the energy of an individual and make one intimidated and passive and how one can break the submissive relationship?

2. Club of students of General Literature and Theory of Literature – Club 128, Belgrade

  • RSD: 59.189,00
  • Project title:  Regional student conference Literature and arts in Yugoslavia: (dis)continuity (1918 – 1992)
  • About the project:  Club 128 and Club of art history students (KSIU) organize regional student interdisciplinary conference with the aim of improved understanding of Yugoslav cultural legacy and post-Yugoslav cultural and educational policies. The organizers insist on independent extra-curriculum research of the students. Expected results are successful regional cooperation, new interpretations of educational and cultural policies in Yugoslavia and in post-Yugoslav countries as well as fruitful stride away from the sphere of dominant academic studies of these topics. The conference is open to public and encourages active participation of various audiences.

3. Informal group, author of the project Lina Vušković

  • RSD: 177.243,00
  • Name of project:  “Žanka” documentary film and documentary radio-drama
  • About the project:  The experiences of the tragic loss of her son and her fight for the truth, Žanka Stojanović, mother of Nebojša Stojanović who was killed in bombing of Radio-TV Station in Belgrade on April 23, 1999. Respecting the feminist principle of giving the full voice to the subject, in this film/radio-drama Žanka participates actively from preparatory to the final works, she gives directions, inspires, makes points, gives proofs and materials. Žanka talks about the meaning of gathering families of the victims and about solidarity of women, especially the mothers who lost their children under similar circumstances and who often “are not allowed to express their grievances publicly”.

4. Informal group ZENT

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Name of project: Magazine ZENT
  • About the project:  Zent is a form of anxiety, and active conscious displacement. Zent is not scared and worried. “To zent” means awaiting (nothing specific), being out of order and place; for to shake the present order gathering of mutual strengths is needed, resisting to any attempt of appropriation, naturalization and normalization. Zent is a multidisciplinary magazine for arts, politics, social theory and praxis, dedicated to researching, questioning and problematizing all aspects of the contemporary. Zent combines thematic printed (twice a year) and online platform which regularly publish articles, interviews, reviews etc.

5. Informal group of women artists from Belgrade and Malmö

  • RSD: 180.000,00
  • Name of project: Theatre play “This Island”
  • About the project: Building on the experiences of common work of international group of women artists in last few years, working in horizontal structure of co-authorship, to make a play of new theatre  – a form on the border of contemporary dance, performing art and drama theater. This Island is a theatre research of the relationship of (female) body, primitive accumulation and attitude towards the Other, inspired by the book Caliban and the Witch by Sylvia Federici. Second focus of the project is a research of differences in reproduction of everyday life in two different capitalisms – from the North (Sweden) and the South (Serbia) Europe. And, finally, formally this project is a research of political potential of contemporary theatre.

6. Group of female journalists in Journalist Association of Rusyns

  • RSD: 282.000,00
  • Name of project: Miniatures on maxi-themes (militarism, nationalism, racism, fundamentalism, fascism)
  • About the project: Media program of informing/basically educating/reminding the public about key ideologies and social phenomena which marked 20th and 21st centuries, globally, as well as former Yugoslavia and Serbia. Six radio programs of maximum 15 minutes will be produced on five themes –militarism, nationalism, racism, fundamentalism, fascism– in what way they are connected with the position of women and why is reflecting on this themes important in the combat for women’s rights. In four months period these five programs will be broadcasted on Radio Novi Sad (regional public service) which has daily audience of 43.000 people.