Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – February 2017

Number of grants: 10

1. SOS Telephone for Women and Children Victims of Violence, Vlasotince

  • RSD: 144.000,00
  • Project title:  8th of March street march
  • About the project: The march takes place in Belgrade with participation of women activists from all over Serbia. This year the march is devoted to labor and reproductive rights of women since they are under attack of clerofascist forces, the state and the society. With retraditionalization and repatriarchalization women’s human rights have been violated; especially for poor women economic and social rights are endangered, also the reproductive rights have being exposed to terror of state propaganda for procreation on one side, and on the other side women have been intimidated, bullied, fired just because they have or intend to have children.

2. Boom collective, informal group, Novi Sad

  • RSD: 284.320,00
  • Project title:  Women in motion : anthology of women poets
  • About the project: The plan is to publish an anthology of women poets with a theme of immigration. Idea of the anthology is thinking through the position of women in immigration, in the widest sense: from physical displacement which if often escape from danger, war, poverty; changing of living space because of other motives; to feeling of internal immigration into personal, women’s worlds which help us to survive. The call will address women poets who immigrated to other countries (Sweden, U.S.A, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Canada etc.) who originated from counties of former Yugoslavia, and women poets who are still in the countries of former Republic and talk about the theme not exclusively from the position of physical departure.

3. Arts group Hop.La! , Belgrade

  • RSD: 200.000,00
  • Project title: Pre-Kosovo, Kosovo and Post-Kosovo cycles
  • About the project: Theatre project which deconstruct Serbian epic poetry, taking it as a starting point to research ideological matrixes characteristic for the epochs when the poems were created, and whose impact powerfully define contemporary social relations. Highlight is on the pedagogical function of that poetry since it has been obligatory part of school curricula. In relation to the target group (11+) the project could be defined as an alternative reading of the epics.

4. The Equality, Belgrade

  • RSD: 277.500,00
  • Project title: Institutional support to the human rights organisation Equality
  • About the project: The Equality (former Regional Center for Minorities) has numerous activities which are beyond support within current projects. To ensure autonomy and continue its critical work towards institutions and non-state actors who are responsible for discrimination and violation of human rights, Equality has to enable part of the resources for activities free from donors’ often demand for coopeartion with institutions. Also, Equality considers urgent reactions in often unexpected situations. Therefore a support for autonomous and rapid engagement is needed.

5. Workers’ commune Links, Belgrade

  • RSD: 285.000,00
  • Project title: KundK (Knjiga & kritika – book and critique)
  • About the project: Aim of the project is critical reading of books published in the parts of former Yugoslavia which are still connected by shared language and culture, and scanning of the cultural, social and political narratives offered to the public in the circumstances of permanent tensions, new verbal clashes and continuous undermining of fragile forms of democracy. Also, one of the important aims of the project is establishment of mutual reading in the region, namely of the books that concern the mutual destiny of this part of the world, the books which under the conditions of nationally and nationalistic limited „market“       do not communicate at all. The project will be realized on the website of Links in the column K&K(book and critique) comprised of texts of literary and other critique of relevant books published in Serbia, the region and wider.

6. Solidary cooperation of two groups from Belgrade, Consultations for Lesbians/ Gayten and Labris

  • RSD: 253.000,00
  • Project title: Printing translated essays by Joan Nestle Winning of Freedom
  • About the project: Publishing of collection of selected lesbian political texts, translated into Serbian language, from two books by Joan Nestle „Restricted Country“ and „Fragile Union“, including transcript of discussion from her visit to Belgrade, in Cultural Center REX. Each story is part of her intimate and public life in U.S.A. in 1960s and 70s.

7. LICEULICE, Belgrade

  • RSD: 185.000,00
  • Project title: LICEULICE (street) magazine against femicide
  • About the project: A special edition of „Liceulice“, completely dedicated to the issues of femicide and other areas of gender based violence and discrimination, lack of systemic response of the state and the institutions to the growing number of cases when even multiple reports of the women exposed to violence did not lead to proper risk assessments and institutional intervention. Important aspect of the issue is additional and lethal danger from widesperead (legal and illegal) armament of male population in Serbia. The printing of the magazine will be followed by an extensive panel in Belgrade with participation of activists, journalists, experts and other collaborators on this edition.

8. Women from Polimlje, Prijepolje

  • RSD: 258.200,00
  • Project title: Let’s preserve our rights!
  • About the project: Aims of the project are: Struggle against oppression of women’s human rights in Sandjak as a result of abuse of religion, foremost by proliferation of radical Islam; Connecting and association of women’s groups and women without formal engagement, to act against losing the small body of rights which women in Sandjak gained with hardships; Education of women, especially the young ones, about women’s movement and women’s rights in the world, the region and Sandjak — historical facts.

9. Women’s Initiative of Vojvodina, Novi Bečej

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: We Remember 25 years since the beginning of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • About the project: Commemoration of beginning of the war in BiH and committed crimes, educative work with communities of victims, promotion of the concept of feminist approach to justice. Women activists from all over Serbia, as responsible citizens, have been organized to oppose the politics of proliferation of climate of impunity; they remind public about the crimes committed and demand responsibility. In the post-war society which is in the state of constant denial and relativization of crimes, the state institutions do whatever they can to cover the crimes with blanket of oblivion, all in the name of building future and on the road to EuroAtlantic integrations.

10. TkH/Walking Theory, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Sonja, documentary film
  • About the project: Sonja is a film about Sofija Sonja Vujanović, antifascist woman, communist and feminist. Next to being the first officially registered woman partisan in Serbia, Sonja was the leader of military committee of resistance movement in the concentration camp Auschwitz and the film is about that story. Thinking resistance is possible even in a totalitarian situation like the most horrible Nazi concentration camp. Sonja is now 96 and one of the last living witnesses of Auschwitz.