Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – November 2017

Number of grants: 6

1. Rebellious Readers, Belgrade

• RSD: 274,264.00

• Project title: War From a Children’s Perspective – War in Literature for Children and Youth, Contemporary Regional Literature and Literature of the SFRY (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)

• About the project: “The project is aimed at connecting and affiliating literary critics of the younger generation from Serbia and the region, who seeks, with an engaged interpretation, to oppose dominant patriarchal and nationalist stereotypes both in literature and in the literary scene. The primary focus is on the interpretation of literary texts with regard to the ideological and political context of youth and children, contemporary and popular literature. A conference titled “War from the Children’s Perspective” is planned within the project, with the goal to present feminist and anti-national readings of childrens’ and youths’ and regional literature from the SFRY. On this occasion, a collection of critical texts will be presented. A two-day literary critique workshop will be held within the conference too.”


2. Informal group Nena, Leskovac

• RSD: 299,400.00

• Project title: Women’s Court – Feminist Access to Justice – On Violation of Women’s Labor Rights

• About the project: “The project aims to reveal the exploitation of women in the world of labor. It encompasses numerous activities, and is intended for workers of all ethnicities. The goal is to create a space for women to speak publicly about exploitation at the working place, freeing them from fear, building mutual support and solidarity among women in order to overcome hopelessness due to constant blackmail, insecurity and vulnerability in the world of labor. ”


3. Lupa studio, Belgrade

• RSD: 298.500,00

• Project title: “UPDATE”

• About the project: “Media training for women activists of the Roma Women’s Network for better representation on social networks and the Internet, as well as creating a special website on racism and discrimination. It is intended for activists and a wider audience. The training will be realized in at least five places in Serbia, and the website is accessible to everyone. The goal is to strengthen the capacity of Roma women’s organizations, which are at the source of information about racism and discrimination, to increase their visibility and visibility of their activities and goals on the Internet. ”


4. Women in Black, Belgrade

• RSD: 300.000,00

• Project title: Memory and Responsibility

• About the project: “Organizing the school Memory and Responsibility aims to create a new generation of young activists who, through the educational program, will acquire new knowledge on transitional justice, feminist approach to justice and the experience of Women in Black during and after 90-ies in resisting nationalism, militarism and clericalism. Alternative educational program provides the opportunity to develop the culture of memory, conversation and exchange of experiences; deconstruction of historical narratives and familiarization with facts. Memory and Responsibility School will enable and encourage memory and critical questioning of the past. ”


5. Through the Window of the Factory, Belgrade/Zrenjanin

• RSD: 300.000,00

• Project title: Funny Short Stories

• About the project: “Through the work with drama/acting students, we have noticed that everyone, however open -minded, has prejudices and resistance to what is considered different and to what they do not understand. This knowledge initiated a series of various exercises with the goal – to justify the characters or more precisely, to really try to understand them. The results of this process were the stories that in a very simple, human way confronted each of us with our own narrow-minds. Inspired by this experience, we decided to try to go a step further and apply the same method to characters that most people have resistance to: Roma, migrants, people of other nationalities, people with disabilities, women-victims of violence, gay population, etc. The idea is, first, for artistic team to really understand the position of these characters and social actors, and then, to create a scene in which we see how this characters go towards their goal, fighting the reality that surrounds them. ”


6. Informal Group of Feminists Adriana Zaharijević and Katarina Lončarević

• RSD: 265,570.00

• Project title: Conference “Somebody Said Feminism? Feminist Theory in Serbia Today”

• About the project: “We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the book Somebody Said Feminism?, the cult collection of different articles of , at that time, younger generation of feminist activists and theorists. In addition to the round table, which will be especially dedicated to the authors of the book articles, the Conference will present fifty theoreticians who deal with feminist theory. The aim of the Conference is to encompass the heterogeneity of the field of theoretical research from the most diverse feminist perspectives and to consider them in the spirit of feminist struggle against the marginalization of minority voices and the hierarchization of knowledge.”