“SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 15” - Saturday, October 27, 20 – 23:00, Ljutić, Stevana Sremca 5, Belgrade.

Reconstruction Women`s Fund organizes the event SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 15 and invites you all to socialize both globally and locally!

Autumn is beautiful both to wait for and to enjoy, and the same applies to this new event of ours, since Sisters Are Doing It Bestwill present our friends from other women’s funds and other foundations from Europe and the world. It is our common struggle to raise money and distribute it to women, to believe that the better future is about to come, as it will!

So we’ll meet these women in the great Ljutic, and it will be interesting to get to know them, to chat and dance with them!

Being the only local women’s foundation in Serbia, this evening we will raise money for our programmes and for women from Serbia.

Bring along some money to drink and donate to our box – CAKANA! 

Sisters Are Doing It Best presents women whose actions, work, energy and knowledge make visible changes in the society.

Our guests for the evening will be women from the following foundations:

Slovak-Czech Women’s FundMediterranean Women’s fundTasoFoundationfilia.die frauenstiftungWomen’s Fund in GeorgiaCalala Women’s FundMama CashUkrainian Womens FundEcumenical Women’s InitiativeFemFundFRIDAGlobal Fund for WomenBulgarian Fund for WomenWomen WinOak FoundationOpen Society FoundationSigrid Rausing TrustWomen’s Resource Center Armenia & Prospera!

Behind the DJ booth will be Mečkicawho always offers a good international energy boost!

There will be a corner with LOVE CARDS, but also with FIERCE WOMEN cards!  Get ready for the excitement to begin!



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