Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – November 2019

Number of grants: 5

1. Women’s Studies and Research, Novi Sad

  •  RSD: 130.000
  • Project title: Centre for Gender Studies of University of Novi Sad

Besides narrowed spaces for women in academia in our country, there are growing tendencies of marginalizing women who manage to take certain positions within academic circles, and their work is being neglected, sabotaged and forgotten. That is how Center for Gender Studies of University of Novi Sad, which was founded in 2003 and where numerous master’s and Ph.D. theses have been defended.

The project Centre for Gender Studiesis a response to overwhelming totalitarian tactics of intimidation, neglection, concealing and belittling of the knowledge produced about women, for women and by women. The project is being realized as a publication with gathered knowledge and experiences relating to the work of the Centre, as well as to affined educational programs and groups fighting for women’s rights. The publication, therefore, stands out as a significant contribution to the preservation of women’s academic history.


2.  Sumadija Centre for Civil Activism Res Publika, Kragujevac

  • RSD: 264.000
  • Project title: Despite Everything

While the public is familiar with several cases of insulting, intimidations and safety threats to a certain number of journalists, due to the repressive political context, this subject should certainly take a much more prominent place. The founders of the organization Res Publika are women journalists who, besides their own negative experiences, are very familiar primarily with the local media scene and experiences of their co-workers who deal with mobbing, discrimination and other forms of repression.

Their project, a documentary film called Despite Everything, brings testimonials of women journalists focused on violations of their labor rights and the right to freedom of expression, as well as on different forms of violence they are exposed to through their profession. With a comprehensive approach to the phenomenon of violence against women journalists, authors strive to a significant contribution to understanding media mechanisms which have brought this profession to an unenviable position. Combining testimonials of women journalists and experts’ opinions through an investigative approach, this film is a brave response to the systemic narrowing of media freedoms and journalists’ integrity.


3.  BeFem, Feminist Cultural Centre, Belgrade

  • RSD: 216.400
  • Project title: BeFem Festival 2019 – I’m Every Woman 

Throughout the previous decade, BeFem Festival stood out as not only as an event providing significant space for feminist action and exchange but also as an authentic cultural and artistic platform. The wider audience recognizes this festival as brave, unique and politically relevant due to its strong efforts to preserve and strengthen women’s movement.

This year’s festival is the last edition held in its format known so far and it combines recapitulation of previous experiences with responses to ongoing threats to women and women’s movement, such as growing right-wing tendencies, racism, militarism and nationalism. Besides that, this year’s edition includes debates regarding surrogacy, prostitution, sexuality, policies regarding migrants, solidarity and feminist politics, labour rights, ecology and numerous other subjects. With domestic and foreign guests and speakers, the festival promises another quality edition and a loud echo of feminist ideas.


4. Women in Black, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000
  • Project title: Study about the research of the influence of clericalization on sexual, reproductive and labour rights of women in Serbia

Considering the repressive influence of fundamentalist factors on women’s human rights in Serbia, there is a long-awaiting need for a comprehensive research such as the one being presented through this study. Clearly motivated by the present-time context in which the church, hand-in-hand with right-wing groups, government and pro-regime media, systematically endangers women’s rights, this research included conversations with 1050 women in four regions in Serbia.

Publishing the Study about research of the influence of clericalization on sexual, reproductive and labour rights of women in Serbiaand the promotion of the Study planned in several towns are an important contribution to critical approach to Serbian Orthodox Church and other clerical groups, but also a reminder of the necessity of resistance to devastating warmongering and nationalist rhetorics of SOC reducing women to beings giving birth to new soldiers. The additional gravity of the project emerges from the rich history of Women in Black, who are ever since the early 1990s fighting the repression imposed on women by clerical circles.


5. Station Service for Contemporary Dance, Belgrade

  • RSD: 55.554
  •  Project title: The presentation of research “How Women Artists Live” and a debate on labour conditions for women artists and cultural workers

The overall repatriarchalization of the society has been endangering women’s position for decades, especially in the areas of public activity such as culture and arts. The position of women in arts and culture most often implies precarious labor conditions and a more difficult approach to basic labor rights such as the right to healthcare or paid maternity leave. It is necessary to analyze this situation, both its causes and manifestations, so researches like this one are more than welcome.

The supported project implies the presentation of research How Women Artists Livewithing the Kondenz Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance 2019. The authors of this research are Nina Gojic and Tatjana Josimovic, artists from Rijeka. Their presentation within Kondenz implies presenting and discussing the research and publication, as well as exhibiting a mobile mural. This event is an opportunity for a constructive regional exchange of experiences and discussing the ways of confronting the ongoing problems women in arts and culture are dealing with on a daily basis.