Reconstruction Women’s Fund in action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 17 invites you to the café  Ljubimac15 Cetinjska St., on September 24, 20-23:00.

We invite you to learn more on whom Stipends Žarana Papić are intended for, and how you can donate and support education of women!!!

Women`s Fund priority is to support women taking part in programs which in the long term contribute to the advancement of knowledge on gender/women`s and peace issues in Serbia. Also prioritized are master academic studies of political sciences – Gender Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Depending on the available finances, stipends can also be approved for other relevant gender and peace programs in the country or abroad.

Since 2004 we have granted 127 stipends!!! 

With us will be our Interlocutors, stipendists who have been approved Žarana Papić stipends and who will motivate some new women to apply for the stipends:

  •  Katarina Lončarević, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences
  •  Jovana Timotijević, member of the Ministry of Space 
  • Milica Miražić, director of the Reconstruction Women’s Fund

Sisters Are Doing It Best presents women whose actions, work, energy and knowledge make visible changes in the society.

Music atmosphere will be first warmed up by evergreen duet Šlager i moda (Ivan and Đurđa).

And then, DJ zla nala will take over, and we might even enjoy some karaoke if she allows it :)

Take along some money for your drinks and donations to our box called Cakana!





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