Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – June 2020

Number of grants: 9


1. CA „Klara and Rosa“, Subotica

RSD: 223.400

Project title: CA “Klara and Rosa” team building

The three-day educational for 10 participants is primarily envisioned to young and elderly local women but also for other local people who wish to take an active part in strategizing and founding a polyvalent, contemporary cultural centre in Subotica. This project is a support to work, self-organizing, strengthening and networking of cultural workers in Subotica, as well as strengthening knowledge and civil activism. This is another step towards creating a cultural centre that CA “Klara and Rosa” is trying to build.


2. Centre “Living Upright”, Novi Sad

RSD: 300.000

Project title: In the same movie

The project implies creating a short documentary in which the participants (children, parents/guardians, young people, service users, education and health system employees, social protection system employees and media representatives) present their experiences of participation, taking responsibilities, freedom of expressing thoughts and choices during the state of emergency due to the COVID19 pandemic. The goal is highlighting mutual collaboration, the necessity of mutual support in creating conditions for the full application of social rights in order to achieve permanent availability of measurements guaranteed by the international documents ratified by the Government, regardless of the circumstances.


3. Hleb teatar, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000 

Project title: SAP – School of Activist Performance

SAP – School of activist performance is a cycle of workshops for girls and women activists. Starting from raising awareness and articulating subjects and burning issues, the workshops will provide activists with knowledge and skills of performance, working on the development of body and voice techniques, as mentorship support in creating street actions and performances. The workshops will be lead by Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, with the support of artists from Hleb Teatar. At the end of the workshop cycle, the participants will publicly present performances and actions.


4. Association “Okular”, Ćićevac

RSD: 300.000

Project title: Super girls

The project “Super Girls” is envisioned with the goal of empowering girls aged 12 to 18 from the territory of Ćićevac municipality, to encourage them to become their own heroines through workshops lead by peer educators, as well as online campaigns implying the promotion of messages and stories of successful women as role models for girls. The participants will be motivated to independently, as young girls, become socially active, freedom and equality fighters, as well as to transfer the lessons learned to their peers within their classes.


5. The Right to Water – Association Polekol, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000

Project title: Network “Women for Rivers”

“Women for Rivers” is a network gathering and empowering women in the growing eco-movement, especially in struggles for preserving rivers in entire Serbia. Although barely visible in the public sphere, women fighters are maintaining groups and bear the full load of activism for preserving the environment. The network serves as the support to them to take up more public space and be bolder in offering their tremendous knowledge and skills, often within patriarchal movements. With the activities of women’s solidarity, the network shifts the focus from the destructive production of enemies to the universality of exploitation and unjust distribution.


6. Workers’ Commune Links, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000

Project title: COUNTER-STRIKE: Restricted freedom of speech and political manipulation in media in Serbia – the Ugričić example (phase II)

To understand the intention of the project, it is necessary to structurally describe the politics and time the project will deal with. The year is 2012, and the pre-electoral media campaign for presidential elections which Boris Tadić will lose is launched. This campaign was marked by an affair revolving around the intellectual Sreten Ugričić, then the director of the National Library of Serbia. The behavior of politicians, the usurpation of media, rapid shrinking of freedoms and pursuing intellectuals represent a model of ruling which only progressed in Serbia through the years. A team of experts explores diverse aspects of this event and writes texts that will be published in a book.


7. Association „Satibara“, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000

Project title: Inclusive Film Club “My Close-Up”

The inclusive film club “My Close-Up” from Belgrade gathers youth from different vulnerable social groups and their peers. In the club, teenagers through practical education get familiar with film art and video as activist tools. Thanks to that, they become able to use the language of film to reflect on the challenges they encounter in their environment, their opinions, hopes and positive ideas. The subjects that occupy their minds become articulated through creating a joint short film, contributing the goal of increasing their visibility in the wider community.


8. Volunteer Centre of Vojvodina, Novi Sad

RSD: 299.600

Project title: (Fellow) Travelers: Women’s activism on the Western Balkan’s Route 

The project encompasses a series of meetings during which the activists involved in providing support to people in motion from Serbia and the region will present their work, experience, views and perspectives on freedom of movement and right to asylum in this area. The meetings will be organized in CK13 (Novi Sad) and are envisioned for the broader community. The aim is to provide the women activists space to speak about their work and activism for the rights of people in motion, and to offer the community a chance to get familiar with their direct experiences and the reality in the field.


9. Women in Black, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000

Project title: Publishing Athena Athanasiou’s Book “Agonistic Mourning: Political Dissidence and the Women in Black” 

 Within this project, it is planned to publish Athena Athanasiou’s book “Agonistic Mourning: Political Dissidence and the Women in Black.” The author of the book is a member of the International Network of Women in Black. The book is intended for activists of the Network of Women in Black, Women’s Court – Feminist approach to justice, similar organizations and groups, academic community and society. The project will be conducted in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Vrnjačka Banja. The aim of printing this book is to present the political philosophy, ethical principles and aesthetics of resistance of Women in Black, how the author understood it based on nearly one year of research and fieldwork with the activists of the Network of Women in Black from Serbia.