Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved – September 2005. 
Number of grants:

1. Independent publishing agency RENDE, Belgrade

  • Name of the project: It seems that I’ve disturbed you with something , gentlemen
  • Project goal : In this documentary, father of brutally beaten up youngman on Gay Pride in 2001 is talking about his impressions about that day and his feelings considering his son sexuality. On the emphatic way, film is opposing to usual prejudices about gay people as a socially inadaptable and theirs family relationships as a tragic and filled with mutual misunderstanding.

2. Center for education, communication and research “Alternative circle”, Kragujevac

  • CSD: 42.000,00 
  • Name of the project: Legal and Psychosocial Counseling for women victims of violence
  • Project goal : Help to woman, victim of violence to relieve herself , to normalize her feelings and to establish personal integrity again; providing legal help and information about institutional procedures, relevant for problem of violence.


3. Women’s Center, Uzice – Counseling for women with breast cancer ”Jefimija”

  • CSD: 239.060,00
  • Name of the project :Support to Counseling activities
  • Project goal : Counseling provides psychological, health, legal support to women with breast cancer. It can be a very good model of developed program and positive experience of cooperation with health institutions, which can be integrated in national strategy for women’s health.

4. Lambda, Center for promotion and advancement of LGBT human rights and queer culture, Nis

  • CSD: 129.400,00
  • Name of the project : Proud & Queer, Gay Pride Celebration
  • Project goal : Networking and creative expressions of LGBT people, affirmation of LGBT Arts, free exchange of thoughts and queer ideas

5. Roma Association, Novi Becej

  • CSD: 245.980,00
  • Name of the project : Together against violence
  • Project goal : Collecting and selecting data about number of Roma women, victims of family violence, insight into frequency of violence reporting and reasons of not reporting and reasons of asking or not asking for help in relevant institutions.

6. Association “ Roma Women in Banat”, Kikinda 

  • CSD: 205.200,00
  • Name of the project : Roma Women and Media III
  • Project goal: To continue informing of Roma Women in Vojvodina and Serbia about women’s human rights, violence and Crime Law, women’s health…

7. Women’s Space, Nis 

  • CSD: 229.100,00
  • Name of the project: Meeting of Roma women Network in Serbia
  • Project goal: Defining of 3-years strategic plan for Roma activism in Serbia, agreement of Roma women’s NGO activities, reporting and planning of future Roma women activities within Roma Decade, planning of Roma women from South of Serbia network activities.

8. Association “Antropija”, Belgrade 

  • CSD: 209.895,00
  • Name of the project : Monitoring and reporting of violence against women in Serbia
  • Project goal: There is a small number of women’s NGOs in Serbia, which as one of theirs priorities have monitoring and reporting about situation in the field of women’s human rights. That’s the chance for this project to become important possibility for information exchange. Collecting the data about all kind of violence against women and children from relevant resources and presentation of researching findings on STOP VAW web site and in the VAW Monitor bulletin are very important activities within the project.