Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved – March 2006. 
Number of grants:

1. Association “Antropija”, Belgrade 

  • CSD: 228.493,00
  • Name of the project: Monitoring and reporting about VAW in Serbia – project continuation
  • Project goal : Monitoring and reporting about different forms of violence against women in Serbia and presentation of results on the STOPVAW web site and “The VAW Monitor” bulettin, on the base of participation in international project “National VAW Monitor Program”, developed by Open Society Institute’s Network Women’s Program and Minnesota Human Rights Advocates

2. NGO “Osmeh”, Vrbas 

  • CSD: 248.050,00
  • Name of the project : “Higija”
  • Project goal : Continuation of Radio Programs about Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights

3. NGO “Impuls”, Tutin 

  • CSD: 250.000,00
  • Name of the project : “ Through exchanging experience to women’s support and politics 2 ”
  • Project goal : Empowerment of women in Tutin, exchange of personal experiences, inducement of women’s solidarity, learning about support for oneself and for the others through exchange of mutual support, improvement of transgeneration understanding, creation of safe space for women

4. Women at Work , Belgrade 

  • CSD: 88.000,00
  • Name of the project : “Virtual house – web design training for activists of women’s organizations”
  • Project goal : Raising awareness of women’s organizations about use of ICT as the strategic measure in activism. Within the web design training, the participants will have a chance to set the web sites of their organizations.

5. Incest Trauma Center, Belgrade 

  • CSD: 249.400,00
  • Name of the project : School personnel training about gender based violence from perspective of survivors
  • Project goal : Knowledge and skills about family violence and sexual abuse of women and children for 60 members of school personnel, including teachers, psychologists and pedagogues, to be able to recognize the behaviour which indicate that child or adult may be living in violent home and to know where and how to get help for her/him.

6. Association “Roma Women in Banat”, Kikinda 

  • CSD: 223.200,00
  • Name of the project : “Roma Women and Media 4”
  • Project goal : Continuation of Roma Women Radio Program which provides the information to Roma Women in Vojvodina about Roma Decade, Action Plans for Women, Health, Education, Employment and Residency, about its implementation and use of Strategy for Inclusion of Roma people in Action Plans in Vojvodina

7. Roma Association, Novi Becej 

  • CSD: 249.560,00
  • Name of the project : “ Together against violence 2”
  • Project goal : Continuation of collecting and selecting data about number of Roma women, victims of family violence, insight into frequency of violence reporting and reasons of not reporting and reasons of asking or not asking for help in relevant institutions.

8. Women’s Center Uzice 

  • CSD: 250.000,00
  • Name of the project : Support and empowerment of capacity building
  • Project goal : Staff capacity improvement for creation and bringing up to date web site of the organization. It will make all necessary information about their work and activities avaliable to public

9. Labris – organization for lesbian human rights, Belgrade 

  • CSD: 136.356,00
  • Name of the project : Labris web site
  • Project goal : Promotion of Labris work, information and education for lesbians, media and general public about LGBT rights and social status, legal changes, health, culture, about similiar organizations and initiatives in country and abroad