Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved – May 2007. 
Number of grants:

1. NGO “Women in Action”, Velika Plana
CSD: 237.600,00
Project name: SOS phone for women and children, victims of violence and further education of consultants.
Project goal: Continuation of SOS phone work in Velika Plana, expanding services scope and improving the quality of work through education and training for create and lead self help program.
2. Women’s Alternative Workshop ŽAR, Kikinda
CSD: 168.000,00
Project name: “Anti – Stress Program”
Project goal: Improvement of psycho- physical health of the group’s members and beneficiaries through educational program of alternative methods and techniques for self -help and self- development; keeping the women’s solidarity and sharing through entertaining, creative and recreative programs.
3. Center for Youth Integration”, Belgrade
CSD: 226.902,00
Project name: “My World, World of Pearls”
Project goal: This is the first non-institutionalized drop-in center for children and young people (up to 26 years old) who live and work on the street. One of the programs is a workshop of making jewels, where young girls, besides making jewelry, are talking and learning about sexual and reproductive rights, health in general, interaction with men/ women, and generally feel safe and welcome to share the same or similar problems and experiences with others.
4. NGO Impuls, Tutin
CSD: 250.000,00
Project name: “Change Ourselves to Change the World”
Project goal: Empowering women to change themselves and their surroundings , breaking stereotypes and taboos , teaching women to support one another, making the better trans – generational communication of women , increasing visibility of women’s activism in local communities.
5. SOS phone for Women and Children , Niš
CSD: 250.000,00
Project name: SOS Cleaning Service
Project goal: Economic empowerment of women, victims of violence, building their independence trough making conditions for employment ( buying machines and vacuum cleaners for opening a cleaning service). 
6. Women’s Artistic Workshop as Alternative, Žurka, Vrbas
Project name: “My Five Minutes”
Project goal: Engaging women trough art to change values of society, offering a different aesthetic and ethic point of view based on humanist, anti fascist tradition, peace politics, feminist theories and activism. 
7. Women for Peace, Leskovac
CSD: 249.936,00
Project name: “Change Starts With Us”
Project goal: Strengthening a new women’s group in Leskovac, education of women regarding women’s human rights and civil society, responsibility for spreading the peace and civil rights values, recognizing and confronting to retrograde tendencies, etc.