Program area: Stipends Žarana Papić

Stipends approved – June 2009.

Number of stipends: 4 

1. Stipendist: Milana Grbic
  • Amount: RSD 27.780,00
  • Stipend approved forpart of the fee for submmiting the PhD thesis to ACIMSI, Center for Gender Studies, University of Novi Sad
2. Stipendist: Adriana Zaharijevic
  • Amount: RSD 30.000,00
  • Stipend approved forthe fee for submmiting the PhD thesis to Faculty of Political Science/Gender adn Politics, University of Belgrade
3. Stipendist: Nadja Duhacek
  • Amount:USD 600
  • Stipend approved forPart of the fee for participation in Democracy and Diversity Summer School in Wroclaw, Poland
4. Stipendist: Zoe Gudovic

  • Amount: RSD 33.060,00
  • Stipend approved for: Travel costs for participation in International Festival for Women Artists, organized by Odin Theatre from Denmark