Mirror 2013 – program of support to young women’s activism


Mirror – Program of Support of Young Women’s Activism

Approved – March 2013.

Number of grants: 14

1.Interkultivator, Belgrade
RSD: 85.600,00
Project Name: 10110101
About: The series of educational workshops for high school girls (3rd and 4thgrade) on technological practices, possibilities of technology use, both in everyday life and in career orientation. Through the development of a joint blog and tasks during the drafting process, the workshop will be a practical way to get acquainted with the tools for creating content on the Internet, as well as ways of modifying it.2. Drugarice, Lapovo
RSD: 145.000,00
Project Name: Mirroring in Kragujevac and Lapovo
About: Mirroring in Kragujevac and Lapovo is the presentation of fine and applied artists, writers, philosophers and art therapists through exhibitions, literary readings, lectures, debates and street art workshops.  Throughout the program, participants will be “reflected” and talk about personal and collective activism by presenting their work on the theme: Women Revolutionars that have become extinct from the collective memory, as some would say; Studies in Gender and Media in  Sumadija region; Lives of Women in Literature and Engaged Art.

3. Informal Group PMS (Pokreni, Misli, Stvaraj) – Start, Think, Create!, Belgrade
RSD: 96.000,00
Project Name: Radio Show “Femkanje”
About : Promotion and popularization of women’s creativity in Serbia and the region, encouragement of  young authors to artistic production and expression, provision of opportunities for public presentation of so far unknown artists  and presentation of women prominent acting in culture, art, science and activism.

4. Informal Group Youth Forum for Gender Equality
RSD: 145.000,00
Project Name: Forum Theatre for Social Change
About: Perform four scenes of forum theater in Loznica Obrenovac, Nis and Belgrade, aimed at raising the awareness of young people and the general population on gender-based violence – domestic violence, trafficking in women, violence against the LGBT community and violence in relationships between young people, ie. pressure to have sex.

5. Youth Association, Krusevac
RSD: 148,650.00
Project Name: August of The Saboteuress
About: Within non-commercial festival of alternative arts and culture for young people, presenting and promoting artistic creativity and social activism of young women from Krusevac and other parts of Serbia; strengthening the capacity of young artists and activists from the local community through education and networking (hand-made exhibition, photo exhibition , girls and graffiti workshops, pantomime on gender stereotypes, movie screenings of young women authors, etc.).

6. KulturMobil + Anoreksija.rs, Belgrade / Novi Sad
RSD: 50.000,00
Project Name: The campaign to raise awareness on eating disorders among young women in Serbia and their social causes
About : Maintaining and placing the forum on website anoreksija.rs and activation of specialized groups and accounts on social networks , in order to connect women and girls who have an eating disorder and looking for support, as well as their families and friends; to attract attention to inadequate media coverage of eating disorders; to encourage girls to write and publish their own experiences  in support of others with similar challenges.

7. Informal Group of Girls in SOS for Women and Children Victims of Violence, Vlasotince
RSD: 136.000,00
Project Name: Young Women Conquer Spaces
About : Promoting the importance of activism and volunteerism among young people, strengthening the peers in realization of voluntary, street, community actions related to several important dates, in order to point to the right of young people to think critically, to speak openly about their problems, to be an actors of social change. Additionally, two round tables with representatives of local government are planned to highlight the problems of youth in and around Vlasotince.

8. Informal  Group Drugarice i Drugovi, Belgrade
RSD: 90.000,00
Project Name: Woman’s Mirror – A Reflection of Her Reality
About: Educational workshops on women’s experiences of patriarchy and the key problems that will be presented through an exhibition of photographs that should be a creative and artistic way to present the personal stories of different women and to “mirror”  their social position.

9. Young Activists in Women for Peace, Leskovac
RSD: 80.000,00
Project Name: Performance to Solidarity
About: Pointing out the importance of different cultures, exploring the concept of non-violence, raising awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights, reducing racial discrimination and recognizing  all kinds of violence in partner relationships, strengthening inter-ethnic tolerance and understanding,  empowering  to promote women’s rights initiatives and advocacy for rights of marginalized women. The objectives will be accomplished through a variety of activities, such as workshops, film screenings and theater performances. Joint commitment and joint efforts of different young women should encourage solidarity among them.

10. Informal Group Kalisto, Novi Sad
RSD: 124.000,00
Project Name: Vibration is Life
About : The exhibition of photographs, newspaper clippings, promotional posters, a replica of the old packages that should  decode the hidden history of women, where the vibrator is material relict , highlight the importance of the female orgasm for overall health, point to a role of vibrator in the realization of women’s sexual rights and taking control of their own body, deconstruct media images of female bodies.

11. Informal Group Rails Girls, Belgrade
RSD: 70.908,00
Project Name: Rails Girls
About: The participants take a basic steps in the Ruby programming language. This is an opportunity to learn how to create a blog, site, web application from concept to code.
Rails Girls is a form of education that enables women to acquire knowledge autonomously, in the field of technology and programming, and motivate them to continue to work to further develop their skills. At the same time it is the community that provides support to its members and a sense of security in the fight against the prejudice that programming is an activity in which men are better and more dominant.

12. Center for Support to Women, Kikinda
RSD: 80.500,00
Project Name: Violence in the Public Mirror
About: Education to improve the knowledge of young women, a students at the College of Professional Studies for Teachers Training, on gender-based violence

13. Roma Association, Beočin
RSD: 21.000,00
Project Name: Roma High School Girls to Roma Elementary School Girls
About: Discussion on the importance of further education of young Roma women as a possible model against early marriages. Tribune gathers eighth graders and their mothers, and high school students

14. Informal Art Group Rouge, Cacak / Banja Luka
RSD: 76.300,00
Project Name: Can A Woman Create A Big Work
About: Motivating and involving a young women in contemporary art projects, to rather become an active participants than passive observers; raising awareness of young women on feminist issues in contemporary society, through information sharing and training in the field of culture and art.