Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - September 2004. 
Number of grants:

1. ”Cultural Center DamaD”, Novi Pazar

  • CSD: 249.780,00 
  • Name of the project : “For life without violence” 
  • Project goal : The main goal of the project is to provide direct support to women victims of violence through SOS phone service, to make violence against women visible, to make the local community aware of domestic violence as an important social problem and to improve cooperation between SOS phone and responsible public services. 
2. NGO “Impuls”, Tutin

  • CSD: 248.000,00 
  • Name of the project: “Through exchanging experience to women’ support and politics” 
  • Project goal : Project includes workshops with two groups of women – younger and older ones. These workshops will help women to understand each other more, especially those who live in common households with two or three generations of women. The expected result is making the safe space for women, where they can exchange their experiences, support each other and to associate. It’s an open way for new ideas, public initiatives and activities. 
.”Women’s Forum Prijepolje”, Prijepolje

  • CSD: 170.000,00 
  • Name of the project : “Our voice, voice of reason” 
  • Project goal : Empowerment of women for more active participation in decision making, through media-providing more information about important global issues and relevant topics in the community. “Information provider” will be a one-hour radio program (“Our voice, voice of reason”) and articles in local weekly newspaper “Polimlje”. 
4. “Zlatiborski krug”, Čajetina

  • CSD: 194.500,00 
  • Name of the project : “Women human rights” 
  • Project goal : It is an educational project on women’s emancipation and networking, on violence, and other aspects of women’s human rights: education of women, health and economic empowerment.