Stipends Žarana Papić 2005


2005 Program area: Stipends Žarana Papić

Stipends approved September 2005.

Number of stipends: 4 

1. Stipendist: Olivija Tešić

  • Ammount: 44.000,00 din.
  • Stipend for: scholarship of the second year studies at ACIMISI Center for Gender Studies, University of Novi Sad

2. Stipendist: Maja Sedlarević

  • Amount: 60.000,00 din.
  • Stipend for: fee for registration and defense of More


2005 Program area: Stipends Žarana Papić

Stipends approved March 2005.

Number of stipends: 3 

1. Stipend to: Hana Copic

  • Amount: 40.000,00 csd
  • Stipend for: One-year scholarship for Specialist studies – Culture and Gender Studies, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade.

2. Stipend to: Veronika Mitro


2005 Program area: Stipends Žarana Papić

Stipends approved June 2005.

Number of stipends: 6 

1. Stipend to: Hana Ćopić

  • Amount : 1200 $ + travel costs
  • Stipend for: participation of Hana Copic in three weeks program “Democracy and Diversity Graduate Summer Institute” in Krakow (Poland). This is an interdisciplinary More