Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – May 2006.

Number of grants: 1

1. Taboo – Group for promotion of diversities, Zrenjanin 

  • CSD: 17.500,00
  • Name of the project: Protest against an acquittal to bishop Pahomije
  • Project goal: Protest was organized regarding an acquittal to bishop Pahomije who was accused for an indecent act against two male minors. This protest, supported by 36 NGOs, is directed to raise the public attention (printing and distribution of materials) to violation of the human rights, women’s rights, child and minority rights. This acquittal represents the patriarchal pattern of violence whose victims are predominantly women. Deconstruction and protest against these patterns, as well as support to those who don’t have enough power to resist it, are very important processes for women in Serbia. The whole action is the direct support to various aspects of women’s human rights improvement, since the church-state conjunction actually disrupts, destabilizes and disables the progress of women’s human rights.