Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - February 2007. 
Number of grants:

1. Association for protection and improvement of mental health for children and youth, Niš

  • CSD: 240.800,00
  • Project name: “From home to government” – education of the Society’s volunteers.
  • Project goal: Preparation of young volunteers for decision making and their inclusion into the public and politics sphere, practicing peace politics and women’s human rights protection.

2. Women’s Studies Centre, Belgrade

  • CSD: 250.000,00
  • Project name: Celebration of 15th Anniversary
  • Project goal: Focus is on creating an organization of students at Women’s studies (alumni) in aim to connect, communicate and participate more in Women’s studies programs, as well as insuring the long-term continuity in Women’s studies work.

3. Association of Citizens “Esperanca”, Novi Sad

  • CSD: 116.850,00
  • Project name: “ Peace House “ 
  • Project goal: Promotion of human, civil rights and peace politics through various workshops, discussions and showing of films about past wars in ex-Yugoslavia.