Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - June 2008. 
Number of grants:

 1. Association of Women Sandglass, Krusevac

  • CSD: 178.758,00
  • Project name: For Life Without Violence
  • Project goal: To identify the latitude and nature of violence against women in rural areas. To increase the visibility of the problem.

2. Women at Work, Belgrade

  • CSD: 143.226,00
  • Project name: Production of promotional material
  • Project goal:  To increase the visibility of work throuhg new promo material in aim to make more women informed and interested in feminism and activism.

3. Out of Circle, Belgrade

  • CSD: 155.600,00
  • Project name: Book “Women with disabilities – Invisible victims of violence”
  • Project goal: To present to public eye the actuality of violence against women with ndisabilities, as well as to inform  the victims about their rights and possibilities to find help and get out of circle of violence.This is the first ever collection of case-studies of women with disabilities who survived violence.
 4. SOS hotline for women and children who survived violence, Vlasotince
  • CSD: 248.000,00
  • Project name: My past – Confront it – Better future
  • Project goal: Introduction to public how the patriarchal models are functioning as cause of  nationalism, militarism, xenophobia and fundamentalism and how is important the empowerment of: women’s autonomy, interacial, interethnic and intercultural solidarity to confront these patriarchal patterns of violence; emphasising the importance of human and civil rights for better future
 5. Women’s Studies Center, Belgrade
  • CSD: 250.000,00
  • Project name: Database processing and supplementing  of  Center’s library and archive- continuation.
6. Women’s Peace Group, Pancevo
  • CSD: 59.000,00
  • Project name: Ecological Women’s Agenda for 2009
  • Project goal: To raise the  ecological awerness of citizens of Pancevo (exposed to egological catastrophy), to advance researches and  to document previous  local ecological initatives ( in last 20 years ).