Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - June 2010. 
Number of grants:

1. Counseling for women with breast cancer “Jefimija”, Uzice

  • RSD: 299.600.00
  • Project Title: Experiential and psychosocial support to women diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Project Goal: Support continuation of the program

2. Roma Association “Danica”, Pancevo

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: Stop violence against Roma women
  • Project Goal: Continuous support to activities in four Roma settlements: Deponija, Rit, Dolovo and Jabuka

3. SOS Vlasotince

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Together in the Future
  • Project Goal: Introducing young people to models of patriarchy that are the main causes of nationalism, militarism, xenophobia, and fundamentalism. Strengthening the autonomy of young people and spreading the knowledge and information among them

4. Association “Roma Strength,” Alibunar

  • RSD: 21.200.00
  • Project title: Roma high school girls to Roma elementary school girls 
  • Project Goal: Encouraging young women who have left primary school to continue their primary and secondary education. In the last two years, in the municipality of Alibunar no Roma women have enrolled in high school. The aim is to affect, in this municipality very widespread, the occurrence of adolescent marriage as one of the causes why the Roma girls are not finishing the school.

5. Citizens’ Association S.T.R.I.K.E. Novi Sad

  • RSD: 276.000,00
  • Project Title: Employment Rights – Now
  • Project goal: Provide practical forms of support to the most vulnerable workers in the field of protection of labor rights as a human right. Planned activities are training employees on labor rights, the formation of free counseling for employees whose rights are threatened and representing workers before a court, in cases of notice primarily.

6. Independent Women’s Center, Dimitrovgrad

  • RSD: 186,915.00
  • Project title: The more we know, we are stronger – Human rights are women’s rights
  • Project goal: Strengthening the capacity of the only women’s organization in Dimitrovgrad through the dissemination of knowledge in the field of freedom of choice for all women, promotion of feminist ethics, non-violent resistance to patriarchy, joint peacekeeping actions

7. Labris – a group for Lesbian Rights, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: Institutional Support
  • Project Goal: Maintaining the only safe space for lesbians in Belgrade, where lesbians and non-heterosexual women can be informed, can use the library and video store, report the cases of violence and discrimination, gain support for their activist or volunteer work, find out what’s going on in Serbia and globally in terms of LGBTQ rights, come to group therapy or self-help group

8. Freedom Rights, Belgrade

  • RSD: 300 000,00
  • Project Title: Short film “Behind the Mirror”
  • Project Goal: The film follows the creation of choreographic miniatures as the public and the artistic act of four transgender sex workers. The film, documenting the process of establishing a dialogue on several levels (generation of the group on the art task and communication within and between groups of people whose social context has never overlapped so far) is intended to shift the focus of those who observe this process from the established, cemented social roles (transgender, sexual work, choreographer, theater director) to the struggle of individual to understand the world and her/his recognized role in it