Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - May 2010. 
Number of grants:

1. Out of Circle – Vojvodina, Novi Sad
  • RSD: 250.000,00
  • Name of the project: Women Sexuality through Art
  • Project goal: to enable women with and without disabilities to learn about works of art created by women, which as the concept has a problematization of female sexuality, the status of women in marital relationships, attitude of society towards women’s sexuality and especially the sexuality of women with disabilities, to present elements of art and the creative process, creating a stage-performing part, sensibilisation of the wider public for topics related to sexuality of women with disabilities
2. Association RAINBOW, Sabac
  • RSD: 127.500,00
  • Name of the project: “The Release from the Cage”
  • Project goal:  through workshops organized in nature, to increase the confidence of women of different sexual orientations than heterosexual and sense of belonging to the group, and to reduce the stress
3. Roma Women’s Center DAE, Belgrade
  • RSD: 249.960,00
  • Name of the project: Work on the SOS Phone for Roma Women
  • Project goal: this is the first SOS telephone in the Roma language in the area of Belgrade with the aim of providing support for Roma women survivors of violence
4. Association of Roma, Novi Becej
  • RSD: 171.000,00
  • Name of theproject: SOS in the languages of national minorities
  • Project goal: Continuation of work of the SOS phone on Roma, Hungarian and Romanian languages and assistance to women from marginalized groups who have survived violence, through direct work and creation of local network of support
5.  Women for Peace, Leskovac
  • RSD: 250.000,00
  • Name of the project: Women’s Solidarity and Responsibility for the Punishment of Crimes
  • Project goal: raising awareness of wider public in local communities on a criminal past that is still denied  through the projection of the film “Women of Srebrenica are Talking,” spreading of female friendship and solidarity, as well as planning future action among activists from Leskovac, Vlasotince, Dimitrovgrad, Nis , Novi Sad and Krusevac