Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - October 2010. 
Number of grants: 

1. Counseling for women with breast cancer “Jefimija”, Užice

  • RSD: 250.000,00
  • Project Title: Support to all who suffer from breast cancer and are on treatment in hospital
  • Project Goal: Organize and provide experiential, informational and psychological support to women suffering from breast cancer, who are on treatment in the General (Regional) hospital in Uzice. Support is provided by the women who already survived the breast cancer.

2. SOS Vlasotince

  • RSD: 250.000,00
  • Project Name: Our knowledge – Your education
  • Project goal: To educate a new group of peer educators

3. Roma Association Danica, Pancevo

  • RSD: 250.000,00
  • Project Title: Stop the violence against Roma women
  • Project goal: The continuation of direct work with Roma women in the settlements Rit, Deponija, Dolovo, as well as expanding activities in the village Jabuka

4. Bibija, Belgrade

  • RSD: 48.000,00
  • Project Name: Institutional Support
  • Project goal: Strengthening human and technical capacities

5. Center for cultural affirmation, Dimitrovgrad

  • RSD: 188 220,00
  • Project Title: Human Rights Are Women’s Rights
  • Project goal: The establishment and strengthening of women’s initiatives in Dimitrovgrad

6. Association of Autonomous Women’s Initiatives, Belgrade

  • RSD: 45.000,00
  • Project Title: Flyers of Association of Autonomous Women’s Initiatives
  • Project goal: Development of promotional materials for the new association, established under a new name (due to the law on re-registration of associations of citizens and the changes made in the previous organization) which better specifies the objectives and the internal organization of the group.

7. Women in Action, Velika Plana

  • RSD: 250.000,00
  • Project Title: SOS center for women who have suffered male violence
  • Project goal: SOS Center is a continuation and extension of SOS telephone, an improved services for women with the trauma of male violence, based on the respect of women’s needs for support, information and advocacy in institutions, legal and psychological counseling.

8. Roma Researchers in the name of informal Roma Women’s Network of Vojvodina

  • RSD: 51 000,00
  • Project title: Roma Women’s Web Portal
  • Project goal: Creating a bilingual web site (in Romany and Serbian languages), as an electronic media that will address topics related to the activities of the Roma Women’s Network of Vojvodina, as well as topics related to the Roma Decade, mostly directed to Roma women (health, human rights, education, culture, publishing, etc.).