Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – February 2011.

Number of grants: 1

1. Labris, Belgrade  
  • RSD: 98. 500,00
  • Name of the project: Theatre in Action – Power of dialogue
  • Project goal:  Since the peer violence was increased in this period, Labris wanted, through theatrical method of Forum theatre, to start the public dialogue about LGBT people rights and position, with the focus on educational system. Forum Theatre is the participative model of theatre with active involvement of the audience. The play was created based on the experiences of actresses and actors or the people close to them. For the first time Labris succeeded to gather so many people who were willing to voluntarily participate in the creation of the play, with their experiences, knowledge, time. In that moment, they believed that they have people; they have space, but… In the space they previously agreed to use for the rehearsals, used to be Context Gallery, alternative institution, with politically engaged and subversive content, that were  literally kicked off from the space they were using for many years, cause one of the leading political parties wanted to open cultural center there.
  • Labris made political decision not to use this space anymore and to be solidar with the staff of Context Gallery. It put them in the situation of staying without space necessary for the rehearsals and they needed to act fast, having in mind that it’s not easy to keep so many people gathered for a long time doing nothing.
  • Unfortunately, friendly institutions who would give them space for free were at that time already busy, the others were afraid  that hooligans will ruin their space if they give it to lesbian organizations and many were asking for rent money (due to economic circumstances).
  • RWF rapid response grant has been used to cover the costs of the space for rehearsals.
  • Close to two hundred people (high school students and their teachers) saw the play. It opened the path for the further cooperation with the high schools and currently, Labris is organizing seminars on LGBT rights in six schools in Belgrade.