Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - February 2011. 
Number of grants: 11 

1. Dah Theatre

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title:  The threat of silenceperformances and workshops
  • Project goalOrganize a workshop for activists and other participants interested in researching women’s access to networking and organizingThe goal is empowerment of women andstimulation of creating female-specific space for reflection as the basis for later actionsWorkshops will be led by Jill Geeenghalghthe famous director and actressfounder of MagdalenaNetwork (network of women in contemporary theater) who will be the guest on the Dah Theatre twentieth anniversary celebration.
2. SOS Vlasotince
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Name: I Choose Education
  • Project goal: To educate a new group of peer educators through workshops and lectures

3. NGO Laundry, Belgrade

  • RSD: 200.000,00
  • Project Title: Phenomenal Woman
  • Project goalThe project is an artistic intervention in public space that is marked by the cultural ideology of consumer capitalismThe intention is rethinking dominantartificial representation of female beauty in the media

 4. ACT Women

  • RSD: 299.295,00
  • Project Name: Women’s Day
  • Project goalimproving the quality of life of women through work on themselves and getting to know the content which they are often difficult to access.

5. Center for cultural affirmation, Dimitrovgrad

  • RSD: 249.918,00
  • Project Title: To See, To Know, To Change
  • Project goal: Further strengthening of women’s initiatives in Dimitrovgrad


 6. SOS Vranje

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: Zero tolerance on Domestic Violence against Women
  • Project goal: support and technical assistance by supportive SOS calls, legal and psychological advice and support to women survivors of violence from the territory of Vranje and PcinjskiDistrict


7. Roma Women Association Osvit, Nis

  • RSD: 295.000,00
  • Project Title: SOS Telephone on Roma and Serbian language
  • Project goal: improve the quality of life of Roma women of all ageswho have survived violenceneglect or abuse in their families or from local communityas well as to introduce them theconcept of human rights, legal regulations and institutions to which they can claim their rights

8. Club OPA, Youth are starting the Action, Belgrade

  • RSD: 150. 000,00
  • Project title: Femix Update
  • Project goal: promotion of women’s creativity among young people, encouraging girls to artistic production and expressionas well as providing opportunities for public presentation to, so far,unknown young female artists

9. Roma Women’s Center DAE, Belgrade

  • RSD: 297.380,00
  • Project title: SOS telephone for Roma Women
  • Project goal: Continuation of work and expansion of activities into two new settlements in Belgrade surrounding

 10. Women at Work, Belgrade

  • RSD: 130.000,00
  • Project title: Make Me!
  • Project goal: through the relationship between technologyart and activismto examine the realities that technology imposes to us and to promote understanding and active participation in itselaboration. The workshops are designed to enable and encourage participants to work with everyday technology and adapt it to their needs

11. Association Romani Cikna, Krusevac

  • RSD: 150.000,00
  • Project title: Roma Women in Focus
  • Project goal: Strengthening personal capacities for active participation of Roma women in the community, through involvement in the activities of the Association and the acquisition of basic knowledge of women’s human rights