Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - February 2012. 
Number of grants: 13 

1. Women of the South, Pirot
  • RSD: 120.000,00
  • Project Title: Women on Women
  • Project goal: Institutional support for opening women’s mediatheka to collect and exhibit written, audio and video work on national and international women’s issues. Promotion of women’s activism and education on important topics for women from Southeast Serbia, with focus on young women, female students and activists.
2.Independent Women’s Center, Dimitrovgrad  
  • RSD: 150.000,00
  • Project Title: Women’s rights are human rights too – Transfer your knowledge to another woman
  • Project goal: Sharing the knowledge activists acquired in years participating in seminars, workshops and lectures. New members will be given a chance to recieve the information  from close women, without restraints, and more experienced memebers could implement, strenghen and advance their knowldge. The office starts dayly work.
3. Romani cikna, Kruševac
  • RSD: 298.200,00
  • Project Title: Together we are stronger
  • Project goal: Improvement of the situation of Roma women who live in Rasina region (boroughs Trstenik, Aleksandrovac, Ćićevac, Brus, Varvarin), by informing them on the work of important local institutions and on fundamental women’s rights.
4. ACT Women, Beograd
  • RSD: 299.295,00
  • Project Title: Women’s day
  • Project goal: Improvement of quality of life of women participating in the workshops through self improvement and acquaintance with topics which are mostly out of their reach because of lacking either money or time, or both. Introduction of the wide circle of women to the work of women’s organizations and their services. Professional afirmation of female artists and experts through knowlegde, skills and experiences sharing with the worksohops participants.
5. BIBIJA Roma Women’s Center, Beograd
  • RSD: 211.200,00
  • Project Title: Institutional support
  • Project goal: The Center’s work is meeting space of the two counterpoises: on one hand overcoming prejudices and discrimination against Roma women, and raising visibility of Roma women’s rights on the other.
6. Roma Center for Women and Children  DAJE , Beograd
  • RSD: 299.840,00
  • Project Title: Prevention and combating violence through the work of SOS telephone for Roma women
  • Project goal: Continuing in incesesantly spreading information on SOS telephone for Roma women. SOS consultations: emotional and psychological support to women survivors of any form of violence. SOS consultations on legal aspects of domestic and sexual violence.  Inclusion, mediation, information and advocacy in the institutions.
7. Association of Roma women “Osvit”, Niš
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: SOS-Telephone in Roma and Serbian Languages
  • Project goal: Continuity of the program run by “Osvit” for six years. Service by telephone or direct contact with women victims of domestic violence, idenification of  the related institution and advocating for support needed. Roma women who are not familiar with Serbian language, traditionally close to talk about domestic violence, have an opportunity to communicate in their mother toungue, and since „Osvit“  is  the only SOS in Nis, they offers support to all women vicitms and survivors of violence.
8. Citizens’  association  Klub Vidosav  and  Lela Vujošević , Kragujevac
  • RSD: 120.000,00
  • Project Title: Remarcable Women from  Kragujevac
  • Project goal: Preparatin of the booklet “Remarcable Women from Kragujevac”, about the women whose gifts, activities and results are part of the legacy of Kragujevac. It is the corps of women born in Kragujevac or connected to the city through their work.
9. Association of Roma Novi Bečej
  • RSD: 250.000,00
  • Project Title: SOS Telepfone in national minorities’ langages
  • Project goal: After four years of work and 972 calls received in Roma, Romanian, Hungarian and Serbian languages, the association continues to work with women who look for a way out of violent situations.  Since the group signed memorandum of understanding and cooperation with institutions in Novi Becej, they have been trying to implement it.
10. Committee for Human Rights Vranje, women’s group SOS Telephone Vranje working within the Commitee 
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: Zero tolerance to domestic vioelnce against women – SOS Telephone work
  • Project goal: Continuation, co-financing and maintaining work and development of SOS support service to vicitims of domestic violence in Vranje and South Serbia, as well as advancement of the Program of systematic restrain and combat domestic violence against women.
11. Women for Peace, Leskovac
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: Volunteering is my choice
  • Project goal: Improvement of conditions for on going activities through adaptation of the space given for free use by the minicipality. In the meantime a set of workshops with young women and girls started, once a month, with an aim to animate them for women’s voluntary club.

12. Association of Roma ”Danica” , Pančevo

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: Let’s stop violence against Roma women!
  • Project goal: Continuity and progress of the field work with the aim to give support to Roma women victims of domestic violence. There are three main activities: lessening violence against women in Roma settlements, acquisition of personal documents for Roma women and children in the settlelements  Jabuka, Deponija and Dolovo, information to Roma women about the jurisdictions of centers for social work, police and prosecutors’ offices.
13.  SOS for Women and Children Victims of Violence, Vlasotince
  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project Title: Burden of the past – responisbility for the future
  • Project goal: Enhencing autonomy of the youth, since only thus empowered they could support each other in confronting the past. Spreading information and knowledge among the youth and their families, for changing  value system, against the current of dogmatic thoughts by offering modern vision of civil society.