Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - June 2012. 
Number of grants:

 1. Association of Roma Women “Osvit”, Niš
RSD: 300.000,00
Project title: SOS-Telephone in Roma and Serbian Languages (June-December 2012)
Project goal: Continuity of the program run by “Osvit” for six years. Service by telephone or
direct contact with women victims of domestic violence, identification of the related institution
and advocating for support needed. Roma women who are not familiar with Serbian language,
traditionally close to talk about domestic violence, have an opportunity to communicate in their
mother tongue, and since „Osvit“  is  the only SOS in Nis, they offers support to all women victims
and survivors of violence.

2. Roma Center for Women and Children DAJE, Beograd
RSD: 299.560,00
Project title: Prevention and combating violence through the work of SOS telephone for Roma
Project goal: Continuing in incessantly spreading information on SOS telephone for Roma women.
SOS consultations: emotional and psychological support to women survivors of any form of
violence. SOS consultations on legal aspects of domestic and sexual violence. Inclusion, mediation,
information and advocacy in the institutions. Workshops with Roma women in Jabučki Rit, Mali and
Veliki Mokri Lug.

3. Association of Roma ”Danica” , Pančevo
RSD: 300.000,00
Project title: Continuation of the project Let’s stop violence against Roma women! 
Project goal: Continuity and progress of the field work with the aim to give support to Roma women
victims of domestic violence. There are three main activities: lessening violence against women
in Roma settlements, acquisition of personal documents for Roma women and children in the
settlements Jabuka, Deponija and Dolovo, information to Roma women about the jurisdictions of
centers for social work, police and prosecutors’ offices.

4. Women’s Space, Niš
 299.1 00,00
Project title: Festival of women’s activism and art – FemiNiš 2012
Third Festival of women’s activism and art FemiNiš organized by Women’s Space, center for Girls
and Alternative Cultural Center, September 20-25: promotion of the ideas and politics of women’s
self-organizing and womne’s human rights in the city of Nis and increased visibility of women
working on theory, art and activism. Locations: Nis Cultural Center, Student Cultural Center, Public
Library Stevan Sremac and working spaces of he organising groups.

5. BeFem, Feminist Cultural Center, Belgrade
Project title: “Body, power, food”
BeFem program for 2012. Focused on the questions of power, the one which has been established
and the pne which produces resistance to dominant structures. Power to decide on one’s own

bodies, power to love those whom we choose, power of free political action and thought, power over
representation in public and medi adiscourse. In cooperation with feminist magazine Bang from

6.  SOS for Women and Children Victims of Violence, Vlasotince
Project title: My decision – my responsibility
Project goal: Education of the group of new volunteers and pupils who will start secondary schools
in the autumn: on models of patriarchal work through nationalism, xenophobia and fundamentalism.
Workshops, films, discussions.

: 180.000,00
Project title: LITLLE WORLDS/Exibition of contemporary arts and humanitatrian auction
Project goal: Collective exibition gathering young contemporary artists from Serbia, various medi
a, works of small formats and subjective expressions. 60% of the auction goes to Autonmous
Women’s Center, 40% to the artists. Next to the action/auction, the project aims to support creative
work of young artists who have just graduated or who are close to finalize the academia and to
facilitate their entering the cultural scene and the precarious art market.

8. Independent Women’s Center, Dimitrovgrad
Project title: Women’s rights are human rights too – Transfer your knowledge to another woman
Project goal: Sharing the knowledge activists acquired in years participating in seminars, workshops
and lectures. New members will be given a chance to receive the information from close women,
without restraints, and more experienced members could implement, strengthen and advance their
knowledge. The office works daily and offer legal aid on demand.