Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - November 2013. 
Number of grants:

1. Club OPA

  • RSD: 191.000
  • Project Title: Femix Fest 2013
  • Project Goal: editing, publishing and promotion of CD compilation of female bands from Serbia, Femixeta 2013, following previous three 2010-2012. Representing only cant-authors and/or bands with presence of women’s authorship of the lyrics and/or music, this is now a unique project in local activist and music scene.

2. SANDRA MANDIĆ PR, “LUPA STUDIO” – multimedia and film production

  • RSD: 150.000
  • Project Title: ROMA ROOM – web documentary
  • Project Focus: “Roma Room” is a media project dedicated to representation of Roma women in the form of web documentary as an interactive, multimedia form of production which differs from traditional documentary film by using wide range of multimedia tools: photos, text, sound, video, virtual photography, graphics, animation.

3. Women’s Center Užice

  • RSD: 80.000
  • Project Title: 15th Anniversary of Women’s Center Užice
  • Project Focus: public presentation of sucesses in 15 years of advocating for women’s rigths through programs and actions, aiming at women in local community, decission makers and wider public in Užice, Zlatibor region and Serbia.

4. Association of Roma Women “Osvit”, Niš

  • RSD: 269.000
  • Project Title: SOS-telephone – in Roma and Serbian (continuation)
  • Project Focus: Roma women who are not fluent in Serbian, and traditionally are tied to silence about violence in the family, have chance to communicate in mother tongue in workshops, by telephone or in direct contact in the office of Osvit.

5. DAH Theater

  • RSD: 223.500
  • Project Title: Regional meeting of women and families of the dissappeared in Serbia and the region within the DAH Theatre’s project “Presence of absence”
  • Project Focus: on December 5th in DAH Theater Research meeting of women from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo and opening night of the theater play “Presence of absence”.

6. Alternative Center for Girls, Kruševac

  • RSD: 300.000
  • Project Focus: Capacities building of young female activists in Rasina district. (II)
  • Project Focus: further institutional support to Alternative Center for Girls and building capacities and empowerment of activists of the new feminist group, as support to the group’s growth (young women from Rasina district, activists and members of Alternative Center for Girls).

7. Roma Center for Women and Children DAJE

  • RSD: 288.000
  • Project Title: SOS Telephone, talking in minority languages and individual consultations 
  • Project Focus: is on Roma women with weak knowledge of Serbian language, who live on the outskirts of Belgrade, age 14-60; and of course all the women who call. This age group and orientation towards suburbs is a contribution to connection of those who are isolated, through going to the settlements and maintaining workshops.

8. Women’s Section – Association of citizens Ravnopravnost/Equality, Zrenjanin

  • RSD: 209.000
  • Project Title: Women and labor right 
  • Project Focus: attempt to unite women who were exposed, through transition, to abuses of labor rights and had no adequate support for their struggles in trade unions and institutions. Municipality of Zrenjanin lost three quarters of working places in the industries in transition. Majority carrying production processes in the factories were women (Udarnik-stocking factory, Begej – hat factory, Slavica – textile industry, Sloga – underwear factory, Proleter – carpets production, Jugoremedija – pharmaceutical industry, Luxol – households chemicals, ZIP – brewery and others).

9. Association “Women from the South”, Pirot

RSD: 299.000
Project Title: Women on Women
Project Focus: continuation and development of Women’s Media-Library which collected and exibited over 1,000 written, audio and video works on women’s issues in Serbia and over the world, promotion of women’s activities, education of women on important questions and dissemination of knowledge for women in the area of southest Serbia, with special focus on young women, female students and activists.