Rapid Response Grants – Urgent Action Fund

Approved – January 2014.

Number of grants: 1

1. Roma Women’s Center – DAJE, Belgrade

  • RSD: 150.000,00
  • Name of the project: Urgent assistance to forcibly evicted Roma women  to fulfill their rights.
  • Context: In  the settlement of Kamendin, which was established for the migration of vulnerable families in social flats, 170 families live . In the process of relocating these families (mostly forcibly evicted from their previous homes) are left on their own on many levels, also in terms of getting a new identity documents. The situation occurs where the Roma women, mostly  mothers from which  70% are  single mothers do not have a residence permit, no  new ID cards, health cards are not certified, medical records from their previous residence are not transferred to the new one,  the right to social welfare is abolished or reduced. The consequences are in inability to fulfill any of the rights to health and social care, such as the realization of the right to subsidized payment of utilities, impossibility to obtain health certificates for children, etc. In the meantime a skin rash appeared in the settlement ,  but without medical documents they couldn’t be examined in the ambulance. The epidemic of mange has been declared in the settlement  and Roma  families were blamed.  In this situation, women were powerless either in regard to the medical treatment of children and in regard to report the violence that some of them were exposed to, because they  were lacking basic documents. Also,  without documents, children couldn’t go to school and if they  are not going to school and pre-school education which is obligatory, they can be ejected from the apartment.
  • DAJE advocatec for them in the institutions and at the same time were transferring information and knowledge to women what are the necessary steps in the process of gaining the new documents and fulfill their rights.