Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - June 2014. 
Number of grants:

1. Labris – Lesbian Human Rights, Belgrade
  • RSD: 160,000.00
  • Project Title: Women in Sports Against Homophobia
  • About:  Gathering  of LBT women in the country, reducing internalized homophobia in sport, LBT women’s empowerment through sport,  creation of  sport policy that respects the needs of LBT community, promotion of positive role models and positive practice behavior in relation to sexual orientation, increasing the number of trained sports officials on prevention and protection from discrimination of LGBT athletes
2. Association Women from the South, Pirot
  • RSD:  200,000.00
  • Project  Title: Women’s Media Library
  • About: Women’s Media Library is the only place in the southeast of the country in which it is collected, stored and preserved works that promote women’s creativity and activism, films and books that deal with feminist / anti-fascist / anti-racist themes
3. Walking Theory, Belgrade
  • RSD:  280,000.00
  • Project Title: Illegal cinema – “Working Women; discussion of screen(ed) representations “
  • About: Illegal cinema is conceived as open (self) education  program  of exchange and contextualization of authors, documentary, activist, political, queer, feminist, anarchist, censored and other marginalized and  in the local context hardly available films. The basic idea is that the practice of sharing and discussing movies with friends / colleagues transferred from private to public space, as well as to produce a new public space for the exchange of discourse on and around movies that usually have not had a chance to be seen  at the box office in Serbia . It is a completely non-commercial initiative, which aims to create a critical community of people who, through the medium of film,  discuss some topics of broad social concern, rather than passively consume film as an entertainment
4. Women’s Section – UG Equality, Zrenjanin
  • RSD: 270,000.00
  • Project Title: Women and Labor Law – Support Group
  • About: Support group aims to empower and train women, trade union activists, through sharing experiences, learning about labor rights, monitoring the changes of the legal framework, and connect with other trade union activists and civil society organizations dealing with the women’s human rights. Support group is gathering women who have experienced various forms of injustice in the area of work (mobbing), both from the point of trade union activists, as well as from the position of workers.
5. Alternative Center for Girls, Krusevac
  • RSD: 300,000.00
  • Project Title: Strengthening the Capacity of Young Activists in Rasina county, Vol.3
  •   About : Strengthening capacities  and empowering the activists of the group,  as well as those with whom they  have established cooperation in Rasina county  during the last two phases of the project; institutional support for the continued work of the Alternative Center for Girls.
6. Independent Women’s Center, Dimitrovgrad
  • RSD: 164,400.00
  • Project Title: Share Your Knowledge with Others
  • About: Institutional support to the group