Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved - November 2014. 
Number of grants:

1. Association of Women Femina, Smederevska Palanka

  • RSD: 155.606,00
  • Project title:  SOS Telephone
  • About the project:  Support to continuous work of SOS telephone and legal counseling

2. Consultations for Lesbians

  • RSD:  52.840,00
  • Project title:  Feminists Lesbians from Serbia in Exchange with Feminists Lesbians from Slovenia
  •  About the project:  Acquaintances and solidarity among lesbian feminists from Serbia and Slovenia, exploring the social context of life of lesbians and queer girls who live in a country without law on same-sex partnerships, or in a country where the degree of homophobia in the public space is lower, increase knowledge about themselves through the workshop on experiences….


3Center for Girls, Niš

  • RSD: 183.000,00
  • Project title: Institutional Support
  • About the project: To keep continuity of work on the known and safe location, for the new generations of feminist activists

4 Zadrugarice, Niš

  • RSD: 136.600,00
  • Project title: Nišlijke – Unforgettable
  • About the project: Reminding on some of the women who, with their actions, have marked the history of Nis and contributed to the development, culture and image of this city.  And all of this in a time when science, education, politics, the arts, sport and public life generally, have been reserved for men.

5. Roma Women’s Center Bibija, Belgrade

  • RSD: 162.000,00
  • Project title: Institutional support
  • About the project: Stability of work on launched and planned activities

6. Women’s Voice of Priboj

  • RSD: 200.000,00
  • Project title: In Solidarity for Women’s Labor Rights
  • About the project: Empowering the women who lost their jobs as a consequence of war

7. Free Zone, Belgrade

  • RSD: 225.000,00
  • Project title: Film Festival Free Zone 2014
  • About the project: The Festival, through the popularization of engaged cinematography, which is not part of the usual cinematic repertoire in Serbia, opens space for promotion, reflection and understanding of current social phenomena and problems, draws the attention of the public in Serbia to the problem of human rights violations on many levels, throughout the world and runs public debate and disseminate information on standards, problems and possible solutions or improvements.

8Women of South, Pirot

  • RSD: 178.000,00
  • Project title: Women’s Media Library
  • About the projectIt includes support  to further work and advancement of Women’s Mediateque in Pirot, that collected and exposed  close to 2500 written, audio and video works on women’s issues, in the country and the world. The aim of the project is to promote women’s action, to educate women about the important issues and to disseminate a knowledge that the members of the group acquired on Women’s Studies and other courses and training programs related to women’s issue. They work with women from the southeast of Serbia, with a special focus on young women, students and activists.

9Women’s Section of Association Equality, Zrenjanin

  • RSD: 220.000,00
  • Project title: Women and Labor Rights – Undeclared Work 
  •  About the project: Support Group aims to strengthen and empower women, trade union activists, through sharing experiences, learning about labor rights, monitoring the changes of the legal framework, and connecting with other trade union activists and activists of civil society dealing with the women’s human rights. The group is intended for women who have experienced various forms of injustice in the labor (mobbing), as from positions of trade union activists and workers, as well.  Focus is on the problem of women in an area of undeclared work as their only or additional work engagement, with the aim to expose the depth and spread of this problem and to continue strengthening of women’s self-organizing around issues of labor rights (women’s trade union activism).