RWfund & Maypole

From June 4th to June 8th, Reconstruction Women’s Fund was a host to friends from The Maypole Fund who flew in from London and Copenhagen! article_1

At our invitation within our long-term action of developing local philanthropy and fundraising for investment in future of women’s groups, Reconstruction Women’s Fund tries to bring activists from feminist foundations and groups around the world, to share their experiences, present different models of engagement of people and investment in social changes. This time we had a pleasure to host some of them: Sarah Masters, Liz Khan, Kim Wager, Nina Nissen.

The Maypole Fund was set up in 1986 by women involved in the peace movement, especially with Greenham Common. Maypole money is donated by women for women to use, and the group that runs the fund is all women. They invest in projects for disarmament and actions against the arms trade; anti-militarism and action against male violence; nuclear and environmental issues; promoting women’s social and political autonomy throughout the world; international links between women for these purposes. They are an unincorporated non-profit association, a group of feminists coming from various political backgrounds. Pay them a visit:!

Our individual donors, friends, our support without whom our struggle would not be the same, came to meet The Maypole Fund friends.

Some photos from the four days of June we spent together are already in the photo gallery!

Thank you all!





Maypole visits RWfund!