Special Focus 2016


2016 Program: Special Focus


Grants approved – June 2016

Number of grants: 9

1. Alternative girls’ center, Kruševac

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title:  “Bread and freedom are the same to us“

About the project: “Expression of resistance to the policies which advocate intolerance, fuel nationalism, maintain ideas of creating enemies More


2016 Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – February 2016

Number of grants: 6

1. Informal group of women journalists, Sandra Mandić and Jugoslava Široka

  • RSD: 278.000,00
  • Project title:  Working title “She says
  • About the project: Half an hour audio-production on the topic: authorities and personal responsibility, in 5 segments of More


2016 Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – November 2016

Number of grants: 6

1. ARTTERROR, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000,00

Project title: The Diary about Plants

About the project: The Diary about Plants is a feature length documentary-experimental film. The film wants to show how digital technology could treat nature; our direct connections More