Special Focus 2020


Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – February 2020

Number of grants: 13

1. Association of Women Sandglass, Kruševac

  • RSD: 299.000
  • Project title: Supporting Women’s Activism in Rasina County

Supporting the work of Association of Women Sandglass for empowering, self-organizing, connecting and networking of women in Rasina county in the domain of women‘s rights and More


Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – June 2020

Number of grants: 9


1. CA „Klara and Rosa“, Subotica

RSD: 223.400

Project title: CA “Klara and Rosa” team building

The three-day educational for 10 participants is primarily envisioned to young and elderly local women but also for other local people who wish to take an active More


Program: Special Focus

Grants approved – October 2020

Number of grants: 8

1. ApsArt, Belgrade

RSD: 300.000

Project title: The hardest role – #MeToo Serbia

The hardest role is an initiative by women performing artists to face the broader audiences with the issue of sexual abuse and harassment of women actors. Through this independent production, a group of More