Locally womanly and on the other side of borders – THANK YOU!

Throughout the previous month, the entire RWF team was devoted to a campaign called Locally womanly and on the other side of borders. After 17 years of continuous awarding of “Žarana Papić” stipends, we decided to upgrade this program by enabling the budget for the stipends through individual donations of the wider community, with a particular focus on the diaspora. 

Why this approach? Fundraising from the community through local feminist philanthropy is certainly one of our prioritized activities, which, in pre-pandemic times, we have been mainly conducting through live events. Besides the financial aspect, the soul of local feminist philanthropy is connecting the community, feminist and other progressive movements, as well as the supported stipendists. In this campaign, we significantly expanded the connections to the diaspora, recognizing its potential for understanding and partnership. In making connections, as always, we care about focusing on articulating socio-political subjects, joint strategies and efficient shared actions. 

In these times, when we miss connecting more than ever but when we are also facing numerous limitations, we were guided by the thought of Žarana Papić that the principle is to always exceed the limits or cross the borders. The ever valuable support from the local community was once again there but we are also particularly glad for the virtual crossing of physical borders and reaching a significant number of donors from the diaspora. As always, the goal is not reduced to fundraising but it also implied the gradual development of relationships with the diaspora, exchanging perspectives and networking for long-term and strategic collaborations. This is why we chose quite a personal approach, virtually reaching person by person, and now we can proudly conclude that the first shared steps were made on a true path of solidarity. We aim to continue connecting with the diaspora. We wish to explore how the diaspora sees itself and how to support it to direct its giving to progressive and transformative practices. We also wish the support to be mutual and not only financial but also in the shape of exchanging information, contacts, thoughts. 

Although the campaign itself lasted for around a month, it was preceded by a thorough process of preparations. We are very grateful for the support of Trag Foundation and the opportunity to work with Tanja Bjelanović as an expert consultant who followed us through the process and supported us in shaping the campaign. We are endlessly thankful to people from the diaspora, local community, as well as friends from abroad for their donations, directions, connections and supportive words. 

For the first time in the Fund’s history, we succeeded to provide support through online donations. We succeeded in gaining new friends, new supporters. We reconnected with earlier donors and stipendists. Together, we fundraised USD 2255 and established the budget for the first out of three rounds of stipends in 2022. We succeeded in reaching the highest amount the fund has ever fundraised in a single action!

What we haven’t managed is to see each other and celebrate the campaign’s success. We are readily waiting for February when the first stipends enabled this way will be awarded, and we sure hope we won’t have to wait for much longer to meet you and celebrate solidarity!

We are not stopping here! Keep on supporting the access to education of girls and women in progressive fields, follow us and donate according to your abilities!


Locally womanly and on the other side of borders

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