Program area: Support to women’s initiatives

Grants approved – November 2015

Number of grants: 5

1. Alternative Center for Girls, Krusevac

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title:  Suitcase
  • About the project:  Prevention of digital violence through informative and educational workshops for high school students and activists, on the mechanisms of protection and risk mitigation of digital violence. Increasing tolerance among young people towards different ethnic, religious, national, sexual, social / class and other category. Support for young women and girls in the process of emotional development, with the aim of strengthening and increasing their confidence, reducing the feeling of guilt to become aware of their emotions and manifest them more responsibly

2.  Association for Women’s Labor Rights Roza, Zrenjanin

  • RSD:  295.000,00
  • Project title: Economic and labor discrimination of women – tribunes
  • About the project: Encouraging women for testimonies (through tribunes) on discrimination at work, on violations of their labor rights in all fields of work: in industry, commerce, crafts food stores, in seasonal jobs (especially in agriculture).

3SOS Center, Novi Sad

  • RSD: 120.600,00
  • Project title: Institutional Support
  • About the project: Supporting continuous work of organization and facilitating its survival through covering their running costs

4. Women from South, Pirot

  • RSD: 299.400,00
  • Project title: Women’s Media Library
  • About the project: Supporting further activities and development of Women’s Library in Pirot, which has collected and exhibited to near 2500 written, audio and video works on women’s issues in the country and the world, as well as introducing new program line – Stories from the Women’s Library

5. Women’s Center Uzice

  • RSD: 300.000,00
  • Project title: Establishing SOS helpline for women who have experienced violence
  • About the project: To enable women from the city of Uzice, who are exposed to violence, to have sustainable, standardized, readily available and free SOS services; to train volunteers for work on SOS helpline; to contribute to raising awareness, primarily among women, but wider public as well, on domestic violence and other forms of partner violence, as well as on the right to protection and services that exist in this town.