Stipends Žarana Papić

In few words, until the beginning of these wars, feminism was something like a phenomenon under a bell jar. We organized discussions and so forth. However we didn’t understand that we could act politically as well, since under the bell jar of Tito’s socialism we had grown soft. Only the warfare, first in Croatia, then in Bosnia and Herzegovina, triggered, especially on the Serbian side, the feminists to become politically active against ethnic cleansing, against militarism, against nationalism. And first of all “Women in Black”, then Autonomous Women’s Center and last but not least, in 1992 we even founded the Center for Women’ s Studies. When we asked the girls – why did you come to the Center for Women’s Studies – they answered, we want to think.

Žarana Papić, feminist anthropologist, political activist, 1949-2002

Stipends Žarana Papić – support to women activists/academics to improve their access to knowledge and global exchange in the fields related to gender/women’s issues.

Politics of  Reconstruction Women’s Fund is that all the stipendists are obliged as volunteer to assist in development of women’s initiatives which need their expertise.

The majority of Reconstruction Women’s Fund scholarships are awarded for M.A. and Ph.D. Women’s Studies in the country and for some respective gender and peace programs abroad (Democracy and Diversity Summer Institute in Wroclaw and International Institute for Peace Education organized by Teachers College of Columbia University).

An archive of the Stipends Žarana Papić, awarded so far, can be found below.

If you are interested in the complete list of all grants that RWF awarded, you can find it here.