Special Focus Call

Women’s rights can not be seen as an isolated island, but as an integral (and very often initial) part of the demands and actions towards a society of equality for all, with no exceptions. Capitalist world we live in (in all its forms) has no potential for equality, even though it keeps persuading us that, despite all its deficiencies, it is the best possible world, with no alternative. Feminism does not buy it, does not accept such „fate“, but develops and connects different forms of possibilities for what we are being taught to be impossible.

Feminism itself is an alternative. Therefore, the struggle for women’s rights (as non-violent, active attitude towards the reality of our lives) has to be (and essentially is) a struggle for a completely different world – from our personal world, to the world of humankind and the world of nature. With absolutely clear, common idea of what is good, and what isn’t, with no relativizations. With no grouping based on identities, and with no „competition“ among identities over which one is more important and/or more oppressed. With no fragmentation. It is a hard struggle, with numerous (visible and invisible) obstacles, in which we continuously make decisions – risky decisions.

In order to contribute to that common objective, Reconstruction Women’s Fund decided to change its grantmaking program strategy from the beginning of 2016. As usual, we’ll be focused on militarism, nationalism and racism. Our goal is to understand, exchange, name and support the activities faced with some of the crucial sources of the current politics. It will be the core of our program Special Focus which is becoming a permanently open call (during the whole year) for submitting applications by formal and informal (unregistered) groups. Decisions are made by our Managing Board, three times per year.


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